These aggregators currently include Exact Mobile, TuneCore, Zimbalam, Finetunes, INgrooves, Ioda, The Orchard, Zebralution, Believe Digital and Good To Go. However, because Exact Mobile is a local shareholder in Simfy Africa, it seems to be the first point of call.

Once artists have registered their music with one of these aggregators, it will be uploaded to Simfy Africa and they can start earning royalties, the amount of which will depend on how often their music is played.

Simfy Africa claims that its ­tracing technology allows it to compile comprehensive reports for all music being listened to on the service. These reports are used to calculate the payments to artists and labels through the aggregators.

What this offers local artists and labels is a great distribution model and the ability to market and promote their music straight to the people who are listening.

Artists or labels who need more information can email Simfy Africa on

Source: mybroadband