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Google+ Widens Rollout of Custom URLs

The Google+ team began notifying users Thursday morning of the option to claim a pre-approved custom URL or apply for a different one. Here’s an example of the emails users have received:

A look at the service’s updated Policies & Principles page, however, shows that Google+ users may eventually have to pay for their convenient, easy-to-use custom URLs.

“Custom URLs are free for now, but we may start charging a fee for them,” the terms-of-use page reads. “However, we will tell you before we start charging and give you the choice to stop participating first.”

Saurabh Sharma, a product manager at Google’s San Francisco office, wrote in a blog post earlier this month that the personalized addresses will eventually be “available to people and pages worldwide,” but did not specify an exact date.

Would you pay money for a custom social media URL, or is would that be an unfair charge?

Source: Mashable


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