This news comes just a week after Microsoft VP Tami Reller revealed  at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference that Windows 8′s Release to Manufacturing (RTM) release date is the first week on August, with a retail release date sometime in October.

The new Windows operating system is said to have taken everything that Windows 7 had and made it better and more efficient. The system features support for both PCs as well as tablets (Microsoft just announced the release of their new Surface tablet), Windows to Go which offers booting from a USB called Live USB, and Windows Store which is a take on the Apple App store and offers Windows users access to thousands of apps for their computers.

Windows 8 offers both a traditional desktop interface and the Metro-style touch-friendly UI.

Other features include better security while surfing the Internet, Internet Explorer 10, faster booting, and the apps always remain on without using the computer’s resources. The biggest claim to fame for Windows 8 will be their one platform feature: access to the same OS from a desktop, tablet, phone or laptop.

Microsoft has worked hard to make Windows 8 as seamless and user-friendly as possible, making computer surfing an experience rather than a task.

Microsoft will offer only three versions, two for Intel-based PCs (Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro) and Windows 8 RT for ARM-based tablets like the Microsoft Surface.