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Dell Voted Hardware Vendor of the Year at the IT Europa Awards

As a result, they are required to gain the endorsement of one of their partners in order to enter the awards… and Dell naturally selected their long-standing partner, Computerworld.

A truly collaborative approach
Jon Osborne, Computerworld’ MD who attended the awards ceremony alongside Dell, is a firm believer in working closely with partners to ensure customers are provided with the highest levels of service.

He is also conscious that in the sales environment of the IT sector, customers can be bombarded with sales calls and can suffer from information overload when several organisations are stepping on each other’s feet to win their business.

He says “One area where we’re very collaborative with Dell is in sharing pipeline customers. Instead of both targeting the same customers, we share our targets and approach them together as a single unit. It means we’re really working in true partnership to achieve joint success.”

He goes on: “Needless to say, this sales approach tends to be of great benefit to Computerworld, but it also means our customers get the best and most appropriate level of service from us.

Our left hand always knows what our right hand is up to, and vice versa. That can sometimes seem like a rarity in the IT business”.

source: Computerworld


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