policy, putting programs in place that support Gayglers (Gay Googlers) and their families, and hosting and sponsoring events and programs around the world to continue the discussion on equality.”1ggoo2facebook-pride-sticker


Over 400 Facebook employees marched down Market Street in San Francisco for Pride yesterday. I wondered if Facebook feared any backlash from conservative countries where it’s popular but tolerance is not. Slater Tow, a member of the Gay @ Facebook employees group assured me “Facebook very much supports diversity” but that its presence at Pride is “not a company led initiative. Its 100% employee driven.”



Both companies have been showing their support online too. Last year Facebook added civil unions and domestic partnerships as relationship status options, and the company won a GLAAD award this month. And just last week, Google added a Prideeaster egg to search, displaying a rainbow banner on results when you search for Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, NYC Gay Pride, or SF Gay Pride, or Gay Pride.


So now let’s check out the awesome photos. If your tech company has pics from Pride too, post them as Imgur links in the comments and I’ll add them in.

You didn’t have to search hard to find Google at Pride. It had almost 700 marchers in New York City and over 1000 in San Francisco