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There are also a handful of new weapons and equipment to use, such as the Silverbacks mech suits encountered in the first couple of missions. Fenix easily hops into these mechanical beasts and has no problem in mowing down the enemies. For a bit more firepower, the Silverbacks can bunker down in a stationary position and fire missiles in any direction.

But gamers won’t have an easy ride through the plot, as some really big monsters are thrown their way right from the beginning – let’s just say that the Lambent don’t take easily to dying and will transform multiple times before they actually hit the dirt.

In terms of graphics, the style has remained the same, but there is a slight increase in the level of detail. It’s always nice to see developers moving forward, and Epic Games has done a sterling job this time around. The game also seems to be a bit darker in terms of story and how it is conveyed. This is naturally a good thing, as the player is left feeling that something big is around every corner – and indeed there is. And for those not familiar with the story or just want to catch up, the main menu sports a “Previously in Gears of War” option.

While still in the first Act, players will be given a short introduction into the past and Fenix’s history, as players will take control of Cole and lead a group of COG soldiers, including Sam, Carmine and Baird. This all takes place two years before the main story plot of the game, in a Scene called Homecoming.

Players will also have the ability to kick in doors at strategic points and destroy crates and boxes that might be blocking the player’s path. Although these can be done at will, it will be mission-critical to accomplish scripted kick-ins in order to progress with the level.

The multiplayer element is fantastic, and it features a whole host of new additions. In the Horde and Beast modes, players have to take on wave after wave of enemies – with a twist.  Not only do they have to contend with the enemies, but they have to budget as well. The modes feature the ability for players to purchase barricades, extra weapons and more guns that uses an in-game currency. The more waves and enemies the player kills, the more currency they will receive to build more fortifications.

In the short time that we were allotted to tinker with Gears of War 3, it seemed like a great title and awesome way to end off the trilogy. The controls are responsive and familiar, the graphics have been tweaked a bit and the plot is as enthralling as ever. It will definitely be worth a buy for any Gears of War fan – in single player or online with friends in multiplayer.

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