So what of HTC and other companies? Well, one need only look at the quotes coming out of their top people to get an idea of just how strong-armed they were by Google, all using strangely similar syntax and word choices to emphasize that no, it’s actually a good thing that Google are purchasing a company that isn’t theirs. 

Motorola devices could potentially skyrocket in terms of sales when their newer models are released, given that this is now the equivalent of iOS being made for all devices, with Apple making ones with a company they bought too. Imagine anyone trying to compete with the iOS integration of the iPhone – difficult, surely. 

Only time will tell us whether or not the Android market will shift in response to this, but it’s likely that unless LG, Sony Ericsson (who just released the big-play Xperia Play), HTC and other handset manufacturers pull out four aces over the next few months, they could see a loss in user numbers. But then again, if Google have chosen to buy a manufacturer rather than continue with their own handset line, it could be a sign that Motorola may find themselves developing under a stern gaze in the near future.