Why is your Computer Slow?

However, if it suddenly becomes slow after running smoothly for a time, then it may be something that you have done from the time it was on its desired speed up to when it started to slow down. The key is to find out when you started to realise that your computer was starting to slow down.

Older models of computers are actually designed with memory enough to hold the operating system and the application that goes with it. As the Internet offers a huge library of new software and media for every user’s specific needs, older versions of computers are having a hard time coping up with the system requirement of these new applications and system loads imposed on them by users.

So, if you are using an old computer, it goes without saying that the memory and processing power is falling behind. Expanding your memory and updating your system can fix your problem temporarily. Purchasing a new computer might just be your best course of action. Check if there are many programmes running and popping out at the same time. Your computer might not be able to process many things at the same time. It’s important to know what programmes you need and delete those you are not using.

On the other hand, if your computer is running smoothly for quite some time but suddenly starts to slow down, then you must have done something to make it slow. Try to determine when the exact slowing down happens and find out what things you did prior to it slowing down. This sudden slowing normally happens due to an addition to your computer. This could be anything from a new hardware to new software. The reason it slows down after a particular event is that there might be a system requirement that can’t be met by your computer.

The new installation may also be faulty or carry viruses and malware that slow down a system. Here, the solution is quite simple: uninstall the offending new software.

In addition, worms, malware and trojans can easily be picked up when browsing the Internet. These malicious programmes are disguised in inoffensive or desirable software and their undesired effects manifest almost instantly. Installing a powerful antivirus might help, but in most cases, if your computer is extensively infected, you are better off doing a system restore or, as a last remedy, reinstalling it from scratch if you really want to return its former glory.

Source: Daily Monitor News


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