Cell Phones to Avoid

We’re not exactly sure what Samsung was thinking with the Trender, but the decision to revisit Samsung’s proprietary OS might have had something to do with giving customers another messaging option that doesn’t require a data plan, unlike a smartphone. Still, instead of offering something fresh, the OS feels stale and the keyboard left us cold. Samsung also didn’t measure up with the Dart T499 for T-Mobile. Sure, it offers Android and a lot of features for a low price, but we suspect that even Android newbies will be left wanting more very quickly.

HP offered WebOS fans a reason to celebrate when it finally broke its new-handset drought earlier this year and introduced the Pre 3 and the HP Veer. Though it offers all the multitasking beauty that makes WebOS shine, the frustratingly tiny screen, proprietary headphone port, and AT&T’s slow “4G” data speeds don’t make for a great experience. We’ll wait for the Pre 3.

MetroPCS launched a lame duck in the ZTE Agent. While we did find some features pleasing, the uncomfortable, constricted navigation array and poor call quality incite us to recommend just about any other phone in MetroPCS’ lineup. The same goes for the Kyocera Domino. Call quality mostly does the job, but the cramped keypad and small screen were distractions.



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