The information economy has led to different forms of participation, access and collaboration. These themes have birthed concepts like

  1. Business – digital firm, digital business, e-business and virtual business;
  2. Governance – digital government, e-governance, e-democracy, open development, openness and development, open access among others.

Alongside these concepts are new ways and opportunities for businesses and government to connect and interact with consumers, citizens, and create new services and products in a manner which responds to development priorities, promotes good governance and creates socio-economic value.

However, a number of companies, institutions and governments are either confused on how to harness these technologies or even yet to identify and understand them. The challenge is the increasing sophistication of the consumer or citizen of today. The consumer or citizen in the Internet generation or in this information economy has a short attention span and seeks for information or learns through other media beyond the tradition media – print, TV and perhaps, radio. As such, traditional media is becoming the lesser preferred medium for new information and content for edutainment, interaction, learning, fun, inspiration and motivation.  This phenomenon powered by the Internet and allied technologies has stirred up a major rethink in business strategies and development approaches. Private firms, governments, and development partners have to use multiple media to communicate and interact with consumers and citizens. Primary among these multiple channels is social media, mobiles and allied information and internet-enabled technologies. However, while some institutions have harnessed these technologies to create value and interact with consumers and citizens, others are yet to even consider it as an opportunity.

It is on this premise Africa Digital Week is being launched.


Africa Digital Week will seek to:

  1. Discuss the experiences of African governments, private and non-governmental institutions in using new and emerging digital technologies (social media, mobiles and information and internet-enabled technologies) to interact and provide services to the consumers and citizens;
  2. Promote the strategic understanding of the role of digital technologies in achieving the millennium development goals in Africa and other developing countries; and
  3. Mentor, teach and educate participants on how to conduct evaluations and impact analysis on using these new technologies (especially social media and mobiles) to achieve organizational or institutional objectives.
  4. Explore the challenges concerning ethics, privacy and cyber crime associated the digital technologies.

These objectives will be achieved through events outlined here: EVENTS.

Africa Digital Week will encourage open minds, critical thinking, self-examination, creativity, and sharing ideas. I invite you to join us, and look forward to welcoming you. We believe your invaluable experience and insight will add to what is an invaluable discourse for Africa and other developing regions. I have no doubt it will be challenging and thought-provoking, as well as an entertaining experience.

Important Dates

  1. PAPER Submission Deadline: 15 JUNE 2011
  2. Submit at Easy Chair –
  3. Notification of Acceptance AND Review Results: 25 JUNE, 2011
  4. Revisions and Final Paper Submission: 05 July, 2011