5th Annual e-Gov Africa Forum 2011
19-21 April, 2011
Yaounde, Cameroon


Effective Public Service Delivery through ICTs


At a time when ICTs are defining the way the world lives and conducts business, it is important for governments to evolve themselves to meet the demands of changing trends in order to deliver effective services and to improve their citizenry. This also requires the formation of Public Private Peoples Partnerships to be geared towards achieving developmental goals through the application of ICTs to governance (e-governance/e-government), electoral processes (e-democracy), food and nutrition (e-agriculture), health delivery (e-health/telemedicine), learning and capacity development (e-education) and trade (e-commerce), among others.

The CTO has been organising the e-Gov forum with the objective of disseminating knowledge and creating peer networks to promote e-Governance in Africa and Asia by bringing together stakeholders with global knowledge leaders, showcasing ICT applications and raising awareness of the potentials of e-Governance.

Key topics:

  • e-Gov policy and regulation
  • e-Gov implementation initiatives and challenges
  • Building infrastructure
  • Deploying cost-effective technologies and solutions
  • Capacity-building for e-services provision
  • Content generation
  • e-Gov revenue generation
  • Practical case studies: sharing strategies and experiences
  • Role of women, youth and rural communities

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