Blocked Websites


Blocked Websites

The list includes social sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter) and adult websites (Redtube, Pornhub and Playboy) as usual but the presence of two major advertising networks on that list suggests people do have their share of privacy concerns.

Here’s the complete list of frequently blocked sites from OpenDNS. Percentages indicate the proportion of OpenDNS networks using blacklisting that reference a given site.

1. —14.2%
2. — 9.9%
3. — 8.1%
4. — 6.4%
5. — 2.3%
6. — 1.9%
7. —1.4%
8. — 1.3%
9. —1.2% — 1.2%

Top Websites Blocked in Offices


When it comes to organizations, a surprise element in that list is Meebo – it’s a web app that lets you chat on Google Talk, Facebook, etc. simply using the browser and a popular workaround when you cannot install the regular chat clients on your desktop.

The fact that Orkut made it to the list seems to indicate that OpenDNS has a strong user base in India. You can read the full report below or download it from

Source: Digital Inspiration