Video Marketing – The Targeted Traffic Solution

Ok, the primary benefit from using videos is they’ll rank very well in the search engines. Google bought Youtube – so that should tell you something. If your keyword research is good and thorough, putting your video on Google’s first page isn’t impossible. People use Google’s video search engine to search for specific videos, as well. Delivering your content through videos not only gives the search engines what they need, it also encourages people to create more videos.

Blogging is so established that probably non-business people know how powerful it can be. But by using videos, you can get into vlogging or video blogging. You can add a niche vlog to your existing business – won’t hurt.

You can market it, and there will be people who will be attracted to this form of content. Your regular updates will catch the attention of your target market and thus, increasing repeat visitors. You should test this model first, but it would be recommended to add at least one video a week, two would be better. Vlogging would require resources, and not many marketers are using it on a wide scale, so it would definitely be different.


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