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MTN Introduces 1/ – per second on calls and SMS

“Today we have made available a three-SIM pack offering that not only offers you Ush1 per second, but allows you to create your own personal network of three users calling at Ush1 per second and sending SMS messages at Ush1 per message. Initially, this will be available for the next three months,” he said.

The Ush1 per second and Ush1 per SMS offering is dubbed ‘3-in-1’ and revolutionarises Uganda’s telecommunications sector. The new ‘3-in-1’ SIM packs go on sale tomorrow at MTN outlets, where customers will pay for one SIM card and receive two SIM cards free.

“This is yet more Yarribaa! The number of options available to our six million customers keeps increasing every passing day, but more importantly we are now spreading Yarribaa opportunities to all those who are not yet on the MTN network as well – and offering them the lowest possible call charges in the country,” Khumalo added.

Just three days ago, loyal MTN Customers received news of a Ushs2 per second option when they call their favourite five numbers on the MTN Network.

The Ushs2 per second option is available on a product called MTN Friends, which that allows MTN subscribers to call up to five special people for Ushs2 per second – until now the lowest call charges on the Ugandan market. Other MTN subscriber options allow a Ushs3 per second call tariff and Ushs180 per minute for post-paid customers.

About 90% of calls made by MTN subscribers are made within the MTN network. The Yaribaa promotion continues with offers such as MTN Zone that offers discounts of up to 99%.

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