PC Tech “Educate” Initiative

The “Educate” initiative was started in June 2010 with an objective to hasten ICT education among schools and tertiary institutions.

Whereas ICT has been adopted by most learning institutions in Africa, reports indicate that achievement of effective application of ICT has not been proportionate. This is because some people still have a mentality that to be a technology user, you need to study from the School of Technology in the leading Universities.

But our “Educate” initiative will seek to avail information to students in an attractive way. This will make them learn in an enjoyable “non-class” environment.

How it works

Under this initiative, selected schools around the country each receive 10 free magazines per month. These copies are intended for the libraries of these schools.

The full list of Schools and institutions covered during the month of June will be uploaded here at a later stage.

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