CTBuS LogoConversations on Technology, Business and Society is a journal which explores ways in which organizations and society is affected by technology. It is published as the academic research journal of PC TECH Magazine. Articles for the journal are publicly accessible online through this website.

The journal which is published by PC Tech Magazine and Pearl Richards Foundation, consists of two primary components: business informatics – the study of  emerging technologies and knowledge management in the context of business organizations; and development informatics – a focus on the interplay between the diffusion, transfer and impact of the technologies on resource poor environments and institutional elements that would shape it. The journal has two key aims:

  1. Promoting research which aims at developing a better understanding and creative ways of using technology to enhance livelihoods in society; and
  2. Providing young scholars the opportunity to share their research projects, research thesis, case studies and viewpoints to a broader audience. This will foster collaboration between faculty and students and enable students develop analytical skills in writing essays and dissertations and seek future careers in research and academia.

The journal primarily focuses on publishing research papers from undergraduate and graduate scholars and viewpoints and case studies from practitioners who are in the early stage of their career. It also features viewpoints and case studies from faculty and organizations in working with young scholars on technology research and projects.

Publication Themes and Topics

The themes of the journal include, but not limited to:

  1. Technology and Fashion
  2. Electronic Games and Society
  3. Knowledge and Learning in Organizations
  4. Internet Technologies and Society
  5. Green Technology Practices
  6. Adoption of Free and Open-Source Software
  7. Mobile Technologies and Society
  8. Research Methods
  9. Academic Writing Skills

Important conferences, announcements and reviews of technology and books are also available in this journal. The readership mainly consists of undergraduates, graduate scholars, academics and young practitioners and professionals.

Publication Cycle

The journal is published monthly (beginning July 2010) as the academic journal of PC TECH Magazine