Airtel Unveils a Solution to Allow its Customers to Effectively Monitor Their Data Usage

Airtel's Data Usage Manager, a feature on the MyAirtel App was launched by UCC's Head of Information Technology and Security, ­­­­Michael Bamwesigye.

Airtel Uganda has today announced a new solution, Data Usage Manager, a feature on the MyAirtel App — that will allow its customers to monitor their data/internet usage effectively. The solution comes after the telco’s customers on several occasions constantly raised their concerns about their data depleting fast — prompting some customers to go as far as suing the telco.

The solution which was launched by the Head of Information Technology and Security at UCC; Mr. ­­­­Michael Bamwesigye and Manoj Murali, Airtel Uganda’s Managing Director will show users how much data each application on their device is consuming.

Manoj said, “The Data Usage Manager is just one way we’re committed to providing our customers with the tools and information they need to get the most out of their Airtel Uganda experience.”

Bamwesigye commended the telco for its proactive approach to addressing consumer concerns related to mobile data usage.

“I am excited about this launch and for us at the Commission, this shows a commitment that Airtel Uganda is listening to its customers and the ongoing public outcry, especially about data usage,” said Bamwesigye. “This is a step in the right direction and I believe that this goes a long way in improving the customer experience as well as the customer journey on Airtel Uganda’s services and platform.”

In today’s digital era, the Internet has become a necessity in fostering communication, driving economic growth, education, health, and overall access to vital services — which in the long run shapes a country’s digital future.

The growing global digital landscape has created a high demand for fast, reliable internet access and smartphones that telecommunications companies and key industry players have been tasked to meet. According to the UCC Market Report for June 2023 FY 4Q 2022/23, the predominant force fueling internet adoption in the country remains the proliferation of smartphones, accounting for 99% of the total new connections across both mobile phones and other mobile internet devices.

The report also stated that mobile internet subscriptions increased from 11.8 million in March 2023 to 12.5 million in June 2023. This growth in data usage and users calls for more accountability and the need for telecom operators to provide their customers value for money for their data purchases as most use the service for businesses, studying, and entertainment, among other uses.


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