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How to Sign up and Use Google’s AI Tool, Gemini

Knowing how to use Google Gemini can give you a deeper understanding of how AI works. This is how to get started.

Knowing how to use Google Gemini can give you a deeper understanding of how AI works. Gemini is Google’s answer to ChatGPT and Microsoft Copilot, renamed from the earlier experimental chatbot Bard.

Built on top of the Gemini family of AI models, it is constantly being updated with new features including image generation and the ability to run code. While it started as a text-only chatbot, Gemini is now a full Google product, integrated into Workspace, Android, and as a standalone tool.

Despite being a fully-fledged product Gemini is very much a work in progress, still making mistakes and generating hallucinations, but it is a significant improvement on the earlier experimental models that powered Bard. It comes in the free and paid-for Advanced versions. The free model can be used to make images, write stories, compile to-do lists, and even generate code.

How to use Google Gemini — signing up

Gemini is available in hundreds of countries and supports three languages English, Japanese, and Korean languages. Some features are restricted to English but that is changing as the tool expands worldwide.

To sign up for Google Gemini

  1. Go to This will also be the URL to access the tool once you’re in. You can as well also access it via the app on Android, iOS, and within Workspace apps like Docs or Sheets.
  1. Select the Sign-in button. Note: You must have a Google account that has been confirmed as being for a user over 18.
  1. Click agree to accept Google Gemini Terms of Service.
  1. Click continue and you’ll be directed to the Gemini page. Start using Google Gemini

To use Google Gemini;

  1. Go to, and you should immediately be taken to the AI tool. If not, check you have been granted access.
  1. Enter a question or search term into the search box and then hit enter.
  1. Wait for the AI to respond. You can then either continue the conversation or select the G icon to use the traditional search engine.

There you go. One day you could be using Gemini (or another form of AI) for pretty much every task you could imagine.


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