itel P55T Quick Review and First Impression: I’m Pleased With The Evolution

The itel P55T has envoled catching the attention of budget-conscious smartphone enthusiasts with its impressive features.

Story Highlights
  • itel's P55T represents a significant leap in delivering state-of-the-art mobile experiences to users.
  • Experiencing the future of budget-friendly smartphones with itel's P55T - where power meets affordability.
  • The itel P55T has envoled catching the attention of budget-conscious smartphone enthusiasts with its impressive features.
  • The itel P55T headline features; the 6,000mAh battery, 50MP primary camera, Android 14 (GO Edition), Punch-hole display, and the 18W fast charge.

Following its rebranding announcement at the tail of 2023, itel Mobile Limited wrapped up the year launching a new set of handsets — the latest in the P-series. The phones in mention come in four variants, itel P55 5G, itel P55+, itel P55T, and itel P55 — however, currently, the P55T is available in Uganda.

A representative in itel Mobile Uganda informed PC Tech Magazine that the P55+ will be available in the Ugandan market in Feb. 2024 and also emphasized that only the P55T and P55+ will be in the Ugandan market. There was no comment about why the other variants won’t be sold in Uganda.

itel’s P55T represents a significant leap in delivering state-of-the-art mobile experiences to users, according to the company. The seamless integration of its affordability with cutting-edge features ensures users can expect an unparalleled smartphone encounter that combines performance and functionality without compromise.

The phone is priced at UGX399,000 and is available at all itel outlets, MTN Uganda service centers, and authorized phone shops across the country, ensuring easy accessibility for interested buyers. This budget-friendly device redefines the expectations associated with affordable smartphones.

First Impressions and Quick Review

The itel P55T’s massive 6,000mAh battery is the headline and the biggest selling point of the phone. The company believes that the battery can power your phone the whole day on a single charge, well this we believe is for minimal/moderate users, however, in our full review, we shall test to see if the battery how long the battery can last with a heavy user.

Upon charging, you are expected to get a faster re-charge [to 100%] because the phone supports an 18W fast charging. With a big battery, a fast charger, and an affordable price, the itel P55T can be recommended to first-timers as well as smartphone users upgrading from an entry-level smartphone with stale features.

A massive battery that can last a whole day, and fast charge support, this is impressive for a phone in this budget.

One other impressive feature the phone comes with the memory — an onboard storage of 128GB and a RAM of 8GB. itel smartphones are gradually evolving from a GB of RAM to now 8GB — this has to be applauded, and probably we shall come to see the phones packing up to 16GB of RAM keeping up with the trend.

The 128GB ample storage space can accommodate your apps, photos, and videos, while the substantial RAM ensures smooth and swift usage of the phone, this can be web & social browsing, watching media, gaming, or multitasking. In addition to the RAM to ensure a smooth smartphone experience, the phone comes with an optimized operating system; Android 14 Go Edition, and a UNISOC 1606 Processor.

Today, to consider a smartphone as a good smartphone or to be in the ranks of a good smartphone, is the camera(s) it comes with. Bigger pixels, good video, and picture quality are something today users look at while buying a smartphone. The itel P55T comes with a 50MP primary camera proving its mettle by delivering stunning photos and videos in various lighting conditions, showcasing an impressive balance of detail and clarity. The same case is for the front-facing camera.

For a phone in this budget as well as the feature & spec category, this is good enough — promises good results.

Lastly, the display. Again, we are seeing itel smartphones evolving. The itel P55T comes with a punch-hole display. The punched hole houses the 8MP front camera, and the display provides an unparalleled visual feast — whether it’s browsing, gaming, watching videos, or just scrolling through your phone. The IPS LCD display is at 6.6 inches with a refresh rate of 90Hz to ensure not just smooth scrolling but transforming every interaction into a fluid, almost magical dance.

Inside the box

Upon buying the itel P55T, a quick tip; ensure to buy the phone at itel store, MTN service centers, or at authorized mobile phone dealers, and ensure that the seal of the phone isn’t broken.

Inside the box, the device; the P55T seats on top greet you upon opening the box, and underneath the phone, is a 3.5mm standard earphone, USB Type-C charging & data-transfer cable, and an 18W fast-charing brick.

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