50 Finalists of the 2023 Africa’s Business Heroes Compete For $1.5M

ABH 50 finalists of the 2023 prize competition were chosen from a pool of 27,000 applications that were received from 54 countries across Africa, representing more than 10 industries.

The Jack Ma Foundation’s philanthropic program, Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) late last month announced the top fifty (50) finalists of their 2023 prize competition —chosen from a pool of 27,000 applications that were received from fifty-four (54) countries across Africa. These entrepreneurs emerged as the shining stars of this year’s competition representing more than 10 industries; Agriculture, Business Services, Education & Training, Energy, Financial Services, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail, and Transportation.

“At Africa’s Business Heroes, we are absolutely thrilled to announce the highly anticipated 2023 cohort of our remarkable top 50 finalists! After receiving an overwhelming response from over 27,000 applicants from diverse industries and sectors across Africa,” ABH said in a statement.

Out of the 50 finalists, 40% came from West Africa, 28% from East Africa, 16% from North Africa, 12% from Southern Africa, and 4% from Central Africa. In addition to this year’s number, ABH was thrilled to have a record number of inspiring female applicants, surpassing previous years — to be exact 36% of the finalists were female entrepreneurs.

The ABH finalists are selected based on their demonstration of visionary entrepreneurship, embodying traits such as innovation and creativity, impact on communities and societies, leadership and vision, the potential for growth and scalability, market demand, and financial sustainability.

Effective communication skills are also crucial as finalists are required to present and articulate their business plans to the judges while responding to thought-provoking questions within a specified number of minutes. Their ability to convey their passion, expertise, and unique selling points is essential to impressing the judges and securing their support.

The ABH competition not only empowers entrepreneurs but also captivates audiences with the diversity and ingenuity of the business plans submitted. Each business plan tells a unique story of resilience, creativity, and the drive to make a positive impact in Africa. From innovative tech solutions and beauty and fashion to sustainable agricultural initiatives, the business plans showcased in the competition offer fascinating insights into the entrepreneurial landscape across the continent.

Many of the business plans submitted demonstrated the remarkable depth of talent and the transformative ideas that are emerging from Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The finalists are competing for a chance to win a share of USD$1.5 million (approx. UGX5,491,783,500) grant funding. However, the value of the prize goes beyond financial gain. It represents an extraordinary platform where all participants, including the winners and the finalists, benefit from the expertise and insights garnered by the ABH community of business leaders.

“To the top 50 finalists, we wish you the best of luck in the upcoming rounds. Let the pursuit of impact and the $1.5 million prize fuel your passion and drive,” per ABH.

The ABH competition has become a significant platform that aims to recognize 100 African entrepreneurs over a ten-year period, providing them with grant funding alongside other resources, mentorship, and exposure needed to thrive in the business landscape.

The list of the 50 finalists;

Name Innovation Country
Albert Munyabugingo Vuba Vuba Africa LTD Rwanda
Alex Musyoka Viebeg Medical and Dental Supplies Ltd Kenya
Alexander Odhiambo Solutech Limited Kenya
Andrew Takyi-Appiah Zeepay Ghana Limited Ghana
Ayman Bazaraa Sprints Egypt
Bola Bardet Susu Benin
Boubacar Biro Balde Sodishop Guinea
Bryan Mezue Lifestores Healthcare Nigeria
Christina Gyisun Sommalife Limited Ghana
Dave Okech Aquarech Ltd Kenya
Dupe Killa-Kafidipe Platinum Fisheries Ltd Nigeria
Eric Onchonga Irri-Hub Ke Kenya
Francis Nderitu Keep IT Cool (Raino Tech4 Impact) Kenya
Funmi Adewara Mobihealthcare Limited Nigeria
Gareth Thomson Resolute Education South Africa
Gildas Zodome BIO PHYTO Benin
Gisela Van Houcke Zuri Democratic Republic of the Congo
Godwin Benson Tuteria Nigeria
Hamza Hashim Capitol Foods Limited Sierra Leone
Helen Keleta East Africa Hafeshawi Medical Centere Eriteria
Ikpeme Neto Wellahealth Technologies Nigeria
Ismael Belkhayat Chari Morocco
Jacques Kahorha Yme Jibu Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kennedy Ekezie-Joseph Kippa Nigeria
Kilalo Mjema Dawa Mkononi Tanzania
Lotfi Darragi ReBootKamp Tunisia
Luther Lawoyin Nigeria
Maria Mumoki Powwater Limited Kenya
Matina Razafimahefa SAYNA Madagascar
Matlhogonolo Mongwa Kalafhi Medical Center Botswana
Melaku Belay Emeru Fendika Cultural Center Ethiopia
Mohamed Ali Power Lock Egypt
Mohamed Moustafa Shezlong Egypt
Mostafa Ali iSpark Egypt Egypt
Musa Wesutsa Sentinel Africa Consulting Ltd Kenya
Nthabiseng Mosia Easy Solar South Africa
Olivia Onyemaobi Pad-Up Creations Ltd Nigeria
Omar Hagrass Trella Egypt
Pauline Otila Apiculture Venture Limited Kenya
Richmond Bassey Bamboo Systems Technology Limited Nigeria
Sam Immanuel Semicolon Nigeria
Sandra Chukwudozie Salpha Energy Ltd Nigeria
Shahira Yahia Chitosan Egypt Egypt
Sheila Mariza Elias Omarji Alvarado Colegio Mundial Mozambique
Siny Samba Le Lionceau Senegal
Sunday Falana Edves Nigeria
Sunday Silungwe Good Nature Agro Zambia
Taita Ngetich Synnefa Kenya
Theo Baloyi Bathu South Africa

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