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Editor’s Pick: 10 Movies, TV Shows to Watch on Netflix This Month

Netflix and Chill on April...

Netflix remains the undisputed leader in the streaming space, boasting over 200 million+ subscribers worldwide. Known for its extensive content library and exclusive originals such as “Stranger Things,” “The Witcher,” and “The Crown,” Netflix continues to set the bar for quality programming. With a competitive pricing structure starting at $2.99 per month (well, depends on your country), you can be a subscriber and binge movies and tv shows, catch the latest, and so forth.

It is yet another month to catch some of the most exciting movies and TV shows Netflix has to offer. From True Crime to Thrillers to Action & Adventure to Documentaries, you definitely should be covered —all genres should be covered. Here are our editor’s 10 picks you should add to your watchlist.

American Manhun: The Boston Marathon Bombing

If you love documentaries and true crime series, then the American Manhun: The Boston Marathon Bombing, should be on your watchlist. Coming to Netflix on April 12th, the documentary recounts the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, a tragedy that’s impossible to forget.

As scores of spectators gathered near the marathon’s finish line on April 15, 2013, two bombs went off nearby within seconds of each other, killing three people and injuring hundreds more. After a massive search effort, police ultimately caught the perpetrators — brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev — but not before engaging them in a deadly shootout.

Through interviews with victims, runners, first responders, and other witnesses, the docuseries discusses the history of the Boston Marathon and Patriot’s Day, the timeline of events, and the chaos that followed — including the devastating casualties and the hunt for the Tsarnaev brothers that led to two deaths. The three-part series also takes an in-depth look at how the brothers became radicalized and why they targeted the marathon in the first place.

Alex Schwazer: Running for my Truth

Alex Schwazer: Running for my Truth is a 2023 Documentary, series written and directed by Alex Schwazer set to be released on April 13th. After being banned for doping, gold medalist Alex Schwazer enlists one of his accusers to help him mount a comeback in time for the Tokyo Olympics.

Seven Kings Must Die

In the wake of King Edward’s death, Uhtred of Bebbanburg (played by Alexander Dreymon) and his comrades adventure across a fractured kingdom in the hopes of uniting England at last. The upcoming British historical drama film is based on The Saxon Stories. It is a sequel to The Last Kingdom television series and will be released on April 14th intended to act as the conclusion to the series and the story.


After losing her baby and nearly her life during labor, a journalist unravels amid disturbing visions and chilling attacks as she grieves alone at home. The movie is ominous and dark. It is set to be released on April 14th and its stars Alexis Louder, Alfre Woodard, and Jermaine Fowler.

Angel of Death

Coming April 15th, Angel of Death stars, Zoe Bell, a cold-hearted assassin who begins to feel remorse after suffering a head injury, she sets out to slay the crime syndicate bosses who ordered the hits.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always

Millennials should have enjoyed watching Power Rangers and Gen Z won’t know how much some of us had to fight our way around the tv to watch five colorful teen heroes “with attitude” bestowed with powers to protect their home planet from an evil sorceress, Rita Repulsa.

The Power Rangers franchise was introduced in 1993 and has since powered on for 29 total seasons — not to mention the countless action figures, video games, and movies it’s spawned. Now, ahead of the 30th anniversary, a pair of original Rangers are joining forces with some of their successors for the scripted team-up special, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always —set to be released on April 19th.

The new Netflix revival reminds us that, “Once a Ranger, always a Ranger.”

The Diplomat

Coming on April 20th starring Keri Russell, Rufus Sewell, David Gyasi, Ato Essandoh, Rory Kinnear, Ali Ahn, Nana Mensah, Michael McKean, and Miguel Sandoval, this thriller and political tv show is one of the many that you should look forward to watching this month.

Hot off the White House press briefing: Keri Russell (The Americans, Felicity) will star in The Diplomat as Kate Wyler, a career diplomat who lands a high-profile job she neither wants nor believes she is suited for. Just as she was about to head to Afghanistan, the US government enlists her to serve as the US ambassador to the United Kingdom in the midst of an international crisis. It’s a role that has tectonic implications for her marriage and her political future.

Russell said, “The Diplomat is a show about the transcendence and torture of long-term relationships.” Adding “It’s a show about a bunch of good people doing their best to keep their global and personal partnerships intact without killing each other.”

Rough Diamonds

Another crime-thriller series for your watchlist. The Belgian series will be released on April 21st. The series revolves around a highly-orthodox Jewish community in Antwerp, which is widely regarded as the center of the world’s diamond industry. The official synopsis reads, “When a prodigal son sends his family’s empire into crushing debt, his estranged brother returns to Antwerp’s diamond district to pick up the pieces.”

The series could be worth watching.


This French original action & adventure-crime Netflix film is set to be released on April 28th starring Alban Lenoir, Eric Cantona, and Thibault de Montalembert. The film is about a steely special ops agent who finds his morality put to the test when he infiltrates a crime syndicate and unexpectedly bonds with the boss’s young son.

Come Play

As you close the month, close it with this horror movie about a lonely boy desperate for a friend, finding refuge in his ever-present tablet along with a mysterious creature ready to enact a sinister desire.

There are a lot of movies and tv shows coming to Netflix this month and if you’re a subscriber you can add those that you find interesting to your watchlist. It is worth knowing that some of these movies being added to the streaming platform are not new and aren’t Netflix originals such as Come Play.

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