Solerchil Technologies Expands to the U.S After Raising $30K in Pre-seed Funding

"Delaware is the ideal choice for a startup like Solerchil Technologies," says Shamim Nabuuma after their expansion to the State.

Solerchil Technologies has announced its expansion to Dover, Delaware, U.S. a week after the company raised USD$300,000 pre-seed funding round for its Food Tech startup, CHIL Food Center. The company noted the proceeds of the pre-seed funding will be used towards developing its digital credit technology and extending its services across Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, supporting the growth of the B2B commerce space.

Dover, Delaware is the first the company has set foot following the USD$300,000 (approx. UGX1.2 billion) pre-seed funding round as part of its initiative to scale its operations. The Dover offices will be home to Solerchil Technologies’ Food Tech startup, CHIL Food Center.

“Delaware is the ideal choice for a startup like Solerchil Technologies,” said Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa, Co-founder of Solerchil Technologies. “The state has favorable regulations which offer tech startups a unique advantage for developing innovative financial solutions. It’s a sweet spot for our Buy Now, Pay Later solution.”

Nabuuma noted that the availability of several opportunities, including potential investments, makes Delaware perfect for their businesses.

The Dover offices will be the company’s hub for business support, marketing, and implementation. The company also plans to hire staff in Dover.

Solerchil Technologies makes and rents solar-powered cold rooms to farmers and food market vendors to safely preserve their unsold food for a longer time.

The company’s food tech startup, CHIL Food Center is a B2B AI-powered conversational eCommerce platform that simplifies the supply chain directly with food suppliers and food retailers in Europe, and the Middle East & Africa. It allows food retailers to purchase the food they need to retail and pay later through a frictionless B2C-like “Buy Now Pay Later” checkout experience while paying the supplier upfront.

“Our Buy Now, Pay Later solution eliminates all the burden and risk associated with offering payment terms online by letting B2B merchants instantly offer credit terms at checkout even if the customer is buying from them for the first time,” said Nabuuma.

Currently, CHIL Food Center has over 300 merchants making use of the Buy Now Pay Later solution, and thousands of buyers transacting on the platform.

Besides the new headquarters in Dover, CHIL Food Center will continue to operate in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in line with its mission to simplify the food supply chain between suppliers and retailers.

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