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How to Pin Comments on Your Instagram Posts

Instagram introduced the 'Pin Comment' feature to minimize negative comments on the platform and give more prominence to positive or valuable comments for users.

Ever since its inception 12 years ago, Instagram has gone through a lot of changes among with include changing the logo, square-only photos, the introduction of stories & reels, and hiding & unhiding likes, among others. But through it all, comments had remained mostly the same, not until July 2020 when the photo & video sharing platform rolled out the “Pinned Comment” feature on posts as part of a larger effort to combat bullying on the platform —in other words, minimize negative comments on the platform and give more prominence to positive comments for users.

If your Instagram account is up to date, you should be able to pin up to three of your followers’ comments to the top of the comment feed. That way, they’re the first comments people will see when they view your post —and authors of the pinned comments will be notified.

So, when you post something on Instagram and you want the people who see that post to focus on some comments that you like, you can now pin up to three comments —and this is how you can go about it.

Two things to take note of, one, you cannot pin your own comment(s) and secondly, you can’t pin replies to comment(s).

Pinning comments applies to both iOS and Android.

Here are the steps for pinning a comment to the top of an Instagram post:

Step 1: On the Instagram post, tap the speech bubble under your post to view the comments.

Step 2: Scroll through to find the comment you want to pin and swipe left on that comment.

Step 3: Tap Pin (the thumbtack icon).

Step 4: Tap Pin comment. You should now see pinned underneath the comment and your comment will now appear at the top of the other comments on the post.

You can repeat the same pinning steps given above in case you wish to pin two additional comments.

To unpin a comment, all you will have to do is repeat the same pinning process (mentioned in the steps above) on the same comment, and tapping the pin icon on a pinned comment will unpin it.



Winnie Nantongo

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