Top 10 desk accessories designed to elevate your work from home productivity

The desk accessories you place on your desk are an integral part of your home office

In 2020 our lives changed completely, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed what was considered the ‘norm’, and created new norms that molded the way we lived.

One of these new norms is the work from home culture, and it has continued well into 2022. We’ve been working from our homes for almost a year now, and although we have adapted to it, it can be quite a bore at times.

I, for one, am always looking out for options and ways to spice up my work-from-home routine. And I’ve found that adding new products to my desk setup can amp my productivity immensely!

The desk accessories you place on your desk are an integral part of your home office.

Hence, here’s a collection of interesting, super functional, and productivity-enhancing desk accessories that promise to be the best work-from-home investments of 2022!


COMM offers a touchscreen display that shows the different functions. The main functions are as follows: sharing information, reporting, expression of emotions, mutual understanding, and idea suggestions.

Your home work environment can “feel” more like a real office with this simple device designed by South Korean designed Eunjeong with Fountain Studio. You can update your computer or maybe by a more comfortable and ergonomic workspace.

The goal should always be speed and efficiency when it comes to working so in the area of communication, you must find a better way how to send messages across to a different party.

The COMM. (Courtesy Photo)

The COMM is a concept device that can help people communicate from home. It’s a simpler way to send and receive messages, give feedback, and deliver what needs to be done.

The result is increased work efficiency, especially with the angled screen for more comfortable viewing when sitting down.

This gadget helps improve creativity and productivity by showing the information you need without any distraction.

Better than a smartphone or tablet, as it eliminates the temptation to check other apps. However, the same gadget is Limited compared to face-to-face communication, but still not too bad!

2. The HMM Scissors

Our workspaces are often littered with two kinds of things. On the one hand, you have tools designed to accomplish a task. On the other hand, you have decorative items designed to please the senses.

Of course, there are now stationary and desk tools that are designed to hit two birds with one stone, especially those that embrace minimalist aesthetics that fit well in almost any situation.

These scissors from popular brand HMM are designed to bridge those two worlds together, offering a tool that not only creates a sense of wonder but also inspires confidence in every snip.

Just as with the tools mentioned above, scissors often come in two classes. One type is clearly designed for cutting away at your problems, while another type almost looks too pretty to be used.

The HMM Scissors is definitely not the latter, with an aesthetic that clearly exudes its power. The wide and flat blades are almost reminiscent of industrial tools, and its black Japanese steel body gives off an aura of strength and durability.

How to use them.

  • Flip the scissors and hold it by the blades, and you instantly have a box cutter.
  • A custom-made magnet lets the scissors stand upright with its sharp tip safely hidden inside the base.
3. Nick

When our stationery isn’t organized, our desks feel less like work spaces and more like minefields.

One wrong move and those stacks of paper are going down along with the cups you filled with paperclips and thumb stacks. Before you know it, there’s hardly room to get any work done.

Desk organizers help take care of the clutter and even add a bit of personality to your workspace. Furniture designer Deniz Aktay designed his own modular desk organizer called Nick that’s carved from wood for a simple and functional workspace accessory.

Nick finds its organizational scheme through a system of carved-out slots that provide holding spaces for our stationery items.

Photo Credit: Internet.

Carving out the product’s grooves, Aktay created a built-in rail system that additional wooden modules can slide onto to form a multi-level organizer.

Defined by its modular design, the components that come with Nick have different sizes for users to configure the overall structure to fit their organizational needs.

It Creates individual slots that are just the right size for different stationery items like writing utensils and short erasers.

It’s aesthetically quite simple.

4. Yohann’s iPad Pro Stand

Sculpted into a shape that permits ergonomic usability and comfort, the iPad Pro Stand from Yohann boasts a final form that allows for multi-angled usage, achieved by reducing the light, thin profile to its bare necessities.

Keeping track of all of our smart electronics and their accessories can get messy.

Depending on what you use them for, smart appliances guide us through the week and keep us on top of our personal and work-related agendas.

Yohanns’s iPad Pro Stand. (Photo Credit: Internet)

2016’s Apple Pencil, for one, was designed for iPad Pro but has a tendency of getting lost.

Yohann, a sustainable brand passionate about crafting wooden Apple accessories, created a wooden iPad Pro Stand with a built-in Apple Pencil holder so there will always be a place to store it.

It features an exact slot for your Apple Pencil to slink into when not in use. You’ll never use your Apple Pencil again!

5. Cyl

Desk organizers are a dime a dozen, but they themselves can actually be a source of headaches when they take over your workspace.

No one can perfectly predict how much stuff we will accumulate over the years, and traditional organizers aren’t designed to grow with you and your clutter.

You can buy more of them, in different designs, but there’s a limit to how much room you have on the table. In contrast, Cyl uses the age-old stacking trick to free up horizontal space by utilizing often unused vertical space.

The Cyl (Courtesy Photo)

This desk organizer concept does not discriminate or put limits on what you can put inside. More importantly, you can easily see what’s inside and quickly get them without having to unstack the ones above.

In theory, you can stack the containers as high as you can, presuming gravity doesn’t cause them to topple over. The Organizers come in different sizes. But this couldn’t be the most space-efficient design for your desk.

6. The AirPoint Mouse finger-wearable presenter.

The AirPoint Mouse finger-wearable presenter is an interesting 3D or desktop mouse. You can deliver brilliant presentations with this intriguing 2-in-1 gadget! You can control the cursor with quick wrist movements and intuitive air gestures. The Ring has touch pads on both sides!

The AirPoint Mouse finger-wearable presenter. (Courtesy Photo)

The AirPoint Mouse finger-wearable presenter helps you deliver your presentations in a more professional and streamlined manner. It features a spotlight, magnifier, and pointer. In fact, you can even use it as a desktop mouse. It’s a multipurpose gadget that helps you carry out your day-to-day tasks in a more efficient manner!

Two things about this one; It has a Multipurpose design, with a Compact and lightweight form. However, there are similar wearable designs like this on the market

7. M1 Mac Mini

We generally fancy our laptops for the ease of portability and convenience. But if you’re someone who despises a laptop; you’ll appreciate the Portable Mac Mini that lets you leave the laptop behind, yet travel light with a handy computer at your service when you may need it.

M1 Mac Mini. (Courtesy Photo)

Designer Scott Yu-Jan took to YouTube with an idea of a portable M1 Mac Mini, that paired with an iPad Mini, can be a MacBook alternative for the heavy-duty workaholics who would want to enjoy the power of M1 on the go without owning a MacBook. The DIYer, designer, and creator has made the Mac Mini really portable so that it would allow you to take your M1-powered workstation anywhere and use it conveniently as long as you can plug it into a socket.

The contraption comes complete with cable holders, a quick-release clasp, and an Allen key, a Portable design and a good alternative to a MacBook but some people might consider this design a bit of a hassle.

8. MagOrg

Keeping our desks organized is as much a full-time job as our real jobs, and not all desks are designed to help put order to our chaos. Sure, many have drawers, but they only keep things out of sight and out of mind.

Desk organizers group stuff together but can sometimes be just as disorganized as the stationery they corral. MagOrg solves this clutter problem with a system that lets you keep all these essential work tools within easy reach while giving each a proper home. And you can even mix and match pieces so you can size down as necessity dictates.

The MagOrg. (Courtesy Photo)

MagOrg utilizes magnets to create a modular and customizable organization system where you decide how big or small you want to go.

There are three large panels you can combine in different ways, and each one of them has a unique set of features that make them special.

One, for example, has elastic bands similar to grid organizers that let you squeeze in notepads, highlighters, and more. Another has built-in wireless charging, where you can rest your phone while you work, confident it won’t die out on you anytime soon.

9. The Orbita iPhone mount

If you thought docking stations or other Magsafe compatible mounting accessories were cool, wait till you lay your hands on the Orbita iPhone mount for the PC screen or your laptop!

The Orbita modular system is a good example of yet another useful utility of the Magsafe technology – giving the user freedom to extend the personal working space on the desktop or laptop without any hassle.

The Orbita iPhone mount. (Courtesy Photo)

The iPhone 13 becomes the second screen according to the designer Andrea Tortone who developed this modular accessory for MiLi.

The Apple device can be oriented in any direction – vertical, horizontal, or anything in between to have a productivity-centered approach.

10. The MOLO

The MOLO comes in a monolithic design and can hold a computer or monitor with strength and durability. It can help you ensure your desk is as well organized and functional as you need it to be.

A well-managed working environment can enable you to focus on the tasks at hand. Your workstation with a MOLO at the center can inspire you to do your best. As the Molo keeps its place securely on your desk, you can be reminded to be grounded and responsible.

The Molo. (Courtesy Photo)

Since we are not going back to the office anytime soon, we must continue making sure our work area is clean, clutter-free, and efficient.

If you’re on the lookout for new stuff for your home office, you may want to consider improving your desk situation first.

Get a computer desktop stand to elevate your monitor or laptop and place your smartphone and other things there. The MOLO is an ideal computer stand with its static design and more.

It exhibits Strength and durability, You can hide the keyboard underneath the MOLO when not in use but it Seems more like an eye candy, than a highly functional design.



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