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Top 10 Resources That Will Help You Learn Marketing

The guides and resources suggested in this article are a few of those that you should read. They can help you get started and learn marketing.

If you think that learning marketing is only for those who study or work in this field, you are absolutely wrong. Regardless of your profession, knowing the main marketing principles means seeing one step ahead and recognizing marketing tricks and manipulations. With the growing popularity of personal brand building and entrepreneurship, marketing knowledge won’t hurt.

The only question is where to find some time to learn marketing if you are pretty busy with your other roles and commitments. Student schedules are packed so much today that they can hardly find a free hour for marketing. However, too much depends on your ability to recognize trends and take advantage of them on time.

Marketing, especially digital, is rapidly developing. (PHOTO: Campaign Creators/Unsplash)
Marketing, especially digital, is rapidly developing. (PHOTO: Campaign Creators/Unsplash)

This is why it’s often worth its cost to leave your writing assignments to a personal essay writer while winning some time for your interests and personal development. Firstly, you not only get a high-quality paper but also learn to write academically from professionals. Secondly, you don’t waste the priceless resource you have – time – and get a chance to add extra value to it by learning marketing.

If it sounds persuasive enough for you, here are the resources that you should pay special attention to.

Marketing Guides by Kissmetrics

This resource is perfect for those who have only started learning marketing and those who are already into it. It has all the information one may need to master this science and apply this knowledge in practice. In addition, this collection of guides is great for those who are interested in digital marketing only.

The Learning Center by Impact

Created by a famous design studio, Impact, this learning center offers a huge library of high-valued marketing resources. It’s easy to access and offers a user-friendly design so that you can always find the information you need right now. The whole course, however, is dedicated mostly to inbound marketing.

HubSpot Marketing Certifications

HubSpot is home to 18 high-quality marketing courses on inbound marketing. After taking these courses and familiarizing yourself with the reading materials, you can pass an exam and obtain a certification. HubSpot’s certifications in blogging, SEO, social media, and other subfields in marketing are recognized by many professionals in different industries.


Primer is a great resource to learn marketing if you need to dive deeply into the matter but have little time for it. The whole course is structured into small-size lessons so you can take them whenever you have a few spare minutes. Yet, this bite-sized format does not create any confusion since you learn step-by-step from the basics to management and strategy.

The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media by Moz

One of the leading educational content makers in marketing, Moz, presented its guide to social media marketing a few years ago. Since that time, this manual has become one of the most competitive SMM resources now existing. It fits specialists or newbies at any level since it’s written in plain English understood by people from different professions.

The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building by Moz

Another great creation by the same author, this guide is an explicit resource to find information on the importance and mechanisms of link building. It explains which links are good and how to avoid bad ones. Also, it shares some inside tips and tricks to make your link-building efforts pretty much successful from the very first campaign.

HubSpot Social Media Blog

As you already understand, HubSpot offers great content on its blog. It has a number of articles written on social media marketing topics, making it a valuable resource for those involved in learning SMM. Therefore, spare some time of yours to find out how to count characters in your articles or how to apply hidden Instagram hacks. It’s always useful.

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz

Another high-quality resource to study marketing is crafted by Moz. It explains the basics of SEO, as well as its role and importance in product placing and distribution. If you still have a vague understanding of how you can use your content to improve your online sales, this guide is the first thing you should read.


Content Marketing Reference Library by Copyblogger

If you need to know more about content marketing, this comprehensive library is for you. It explains the relations and principles of content strategy building, creation, and marketing in over 100 articles. If you don’t need to read it all, at least bookmark it to use some ideas later. This is something you should always have at hand.

Neil Patel’s Blog

If you already have a decent level of understanding basic marketing and digital marketing principles, then it’s time to read Neil Patel. This social media and digital marketing guru makes interesting content, but it is a bit complex for newbies. Yet, those who already know the terms and basics would find this resource amazing.


Marketing, especially digital, is rapidly developing. New trends and opportunities emerge every day, and they are closely tied with new technological developments. That’s why there is so much material if you really want to invest your time in learning.

The guides and resources suggested above are just a few of those that you should read. They can help you get started, but learning marketing never ends. So, make sure you are ready to engage in continuous learning if you are serious about studying the depth of marketing.


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