How to Protect Your iPad From Water Damage

(PHOTO: Francois Hoang/Unsplash) (PHOTO: Francois Hoang/Unsplash)
<center>(PHOTO: Francois Hoang/Unsplash)</center>

An iPad can be damaged by water up to 95% without proper protection. Water damage can be caused by leaky screens or flooded compartments, and all of them are pretty much irreversible once they happen. The best way to prevent such damage is by taking the time to learn how to prevent iPad water damage. It’s easier than you might think.

There are simple steps you can take right now to make sure your device isn’t ruined before you have to replace it. Here’s how to prevent damage from water:

Always keep your device dry. The exterior of the device comes into contact with water a lot. Use a damp cloth to wipe it clean, instead of a wet one. If it gets wet, try wiping it with a paper towel first to get most of the water out. If it’s dripping, turn off the device immediately and let it dry in the air.


Try to avoid dropping your device. If you drop it, there’s a good chance that the screen will be damaged in many ways. You could break the display or scratch the sensitive glass, even tear it. This kind of damage won’t fix itself, and you’ll have to buy another one or pay for it to be repaired.

Always charge your device fully. When you first receive it, you should at least charge it for a full day. Leave it plugged in overnight. Leave the power cord as well. Any damage caused by water will only become worse if you leave it plugged in all day. Keeping it charged helps to prevent more damage.

Also, do not use any cleaning solvents on the device. The liquid may seem like a good thing to you, but it can cause some serious damage. There is also a risk that it will leave behind some residue that is difficult to get rid of. Stick to cleaning products that are designed for electronics. The best cleaning product that is safe for you to clean the screen is basic rubbing alcohol.

Always be cautious when moving your iPad around. This is particularly important if you’re traveling overseas. Water can easily get into a portable electronic device through any cracks or crevices. This makes it very difficult to prevent damage. However, the good news is that most new smartphones now are water-resistant. Meaning it has an outer layer that can withstand some water and moisture. The iPad is different from a waterproof phone.

You can also prevent damage by not storing it near other liquids. This includes juices, wines, and any other products that might contain a lot of dissolved solids. Your device probably came with an adapter, which lets you plug it into a large sink. It’s a good idea to use that adapter in case of future spills. Keeping it away from other solids will help prevent a lot of problems.

The most important step in learning how to prevent iPad from water damage is to take the time to clean up spills as soon as they happen. Prevention is always better than repair. If you want to avoid a lot of trouble, be sure to keep it clean. Even when it is not being used, wipe down the body and underside of your device regularly. Doing so will help protect it from damage over time.

If your iPad has taken an unexpected dip or spill, don’t panic. For one thing, it does not mean that it is already damaged. On the contrary, it could just mean that it contains too much water. If you dry it out properly, you should be able to get it back to normal again.

How to prevent iPad from water damage? The only way to find out is to actually check your

device. In case you already have an issue, this process becomes even easier. Take a look at its bottom and see if it has any signs of damage. If there are, do not try to clean it because you might end up making the damage worse.

Another useful piece of advice on how to prevent the iPad from water damage is to never leave it in a closed car trunk or any similar situation where there may be sudden changes in temperature. In particular, if you are using your device while driving, make sure that you are wearing a seatbelt. This is especially important for the battery of your device, which will certainly get extremely hot when it comes in contact with the intense heat of the engine. Otherwise, you risk ending up damaging the device by overheating it.

As mentioned earlier, prevention is the best way to avoid water-damaged devices. Make sure you have your plumbing system inspected frequently. Avoid water leaks and damages to the system. If you need a plumber in Geelong or in your specific area, go online and you will be sure to find all the resources you need.

Preventing your iPad from water damage can save you a lot of money and time.