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Editor’s Pick: DStv Error Codes and How to Solve Them

We have compiled the list of DStv error codes and instructions on how to fix them. Find out which one you are faced with and the solution to it.

Having a DStv connection is enjoyable. From the wide range of entertainment that comes with the package, to the variety of channels to choose from – the experience is worth it! However, it becomes a problem if you encounter an error code on your screen. You might not have enough credit to call the customer care team for assistance, yet there is a quicker solution to the issue at hand.

You ought to note that these error codes are designed to direct you to where the problem is and to help you solve it. Here we are! We have compiled the list of DStv error codes and instructions on how to fix them. Find out which one you are faced with and the solution to it.

DStv Smartcard error codes

E04-4: Please insert smartcard – Your smartcard might have been inserted in the wrong slot or might have been inserted incorrectly.

SOLUTION: Switch off the decoder, remove the smartcard, wipe it gently with a dry cloth and re-insert with the chip facing down and the arrow facing the decoder. If the error continues, reboot your decoder. If the problem persists then the decoder and/or the Smartcard might be damaged and must be tested, contact any DSTV agent close to you to assist.

E05-4: Unknown smartcard – an incorrect smartcard was inserted or the smartcard has been inserted incorrectly, or has collected dust.

SOLUTION: Remove the smartcard, ensure that it is free of dust and re-insert it with the chip facing downwards and the arrow facing the decoder. Reboot the decoder.

E06-4: Smartcard fault. Cannot read

SOLUTION: The smartcard is faulty or has been inserted upside down. Re-insert the card with the chip facing downwards and the arrows facing the decoder.

DStv subscription error codes

E16 – Service is currently scrambled – Transmission might be temporarily suspended.

SOLUTION: Check that there are no outstanding payments on your account. Press Menu, then 4 to check your Mail Messages, and if you have a payment notification from DSTV, then you need to make a payment before the service can be reactivated. If your account is not suspended, then click on My Account to clear the error code or clear it using the form on the right part of the DSTV website.

E17 – No active subscription – This channel is blocked because there is no active subscription.

SOLUTION: Ensure that your DStv subscription is paid. If it is the case, contact the customer care team to activate it accordingly.

E18 – Unavailable channel

SOLUTION: If viewing doesn’t resume within half an hour, then you should contact the customer care team for assistance.

E19 – Service is currently scrambled. Please wait

SOLUTION: Your subscription might have expired. Wait for a few minutes until your subscription status has been verified. If the message is not cleared in 2 minutes, renew your subscription or call your DStv Call Centre

E30 – Service is currently scrambled. Please wait

Your smartcard is checking your subscription status. If the message does not go away after 2 minutes, contact the DStv Contact Center.

E32 – Smartcard and subscription validation in progress.

SOLUTION: Do not change channels or press any buttons on the remote.If this message hasn’t cleared within 5 minutes, clear this error via the MyDStv App, on Self Service or using the DStv WhatsApp bot.

DStv authorization error codes

E42 – Parental Control PIN Blocked

SOLUTION: This happens if you’ve set your parental control levels, but have forgotten your PIN and need to have it reset, or if you’ve entered the incorrect PIN 5 times. You will need to login to reset your PIN.

E44 – No PG status is available

This channel or program is blocked for viewing. You need to enter the correct PG PIN to watch it. If you have forgotten your PIN, contact the DSTV Call Center.

DStv signal error codes

E48 – Searching for signal

The error indicates that there is poor signal reception from the dish which could be due to a loose cable connection, bad weather conditions or faulty equipment.

E48-32 – Bad weather

Due to bad weather, you may see a 48-32 error. So, you have to wait until the weather is fine. Then, check that the cables from the satellite dish are connected to the decoder properly. Then switch off the decoder power at the wall plug and wait at least 10 seconds before switching it on again.

E50 – No services available

No Channels exist in the package you have selected. Therefore you need to select another package.


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