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Why You Should Invest in Video Making Software

Video Making Software!

Video content can raise your company’s game (for example, check out video making software). Let’s look at why you should invest.

Time and money-saving marketing ideas
One of the biggest misconceptions about video – as a business promotion tool – is that it will take forever to come up with a concept, then it will take moons to record and edit the footage, and by next week you’ll be expected to start all over again with something new.

That’s not how this works.

When you embark on a campaign involving video content, you plan the whole campaign around a theme. That means your video content will all need to be filmed at once with the same settings and actors and even products in mind. What you come away with is essentially one big video that can be chopped up and edited into smaller pieces to be released throughout the campaign.

This saves time and money on designing new elements to the promotional campaign as you progress through the weeks and even months that your campaign is expected to last.

Competitive edge
Did you see that video your competitor put out on their website? Of course you did. Everyone with a vested interest in your field did. But here’s the big question. What was your response?

If you and your staff responded by criticizing the video and making comments like, “Who’s going to pay attention to this nonsense?!” then you are not alone. Business leaders react in this way all the time. The problem is when you look down, beneath the video, at the viewing stats. Viewed 2,408 times. Or 10,588 times. Or maybe even 1.2 million times. Get the idea?

Where you don’t leverage video as part of your business’s promotional activities, you are missing out on a huge slice of the pie in terms of visibility. Get out there. Let everyone know about your newest offers. And let the competition make their comments while you get the views and leads.

Cross channel marketing
When we talk about cross channel marketing, what we really mean is making good and sensible use of different outlets such as social media, search engines, and email campaigns.

The issue with cross channel marketing is that it’s rare to find an angle that will work well from platform to platform. For example, let us take Instagram as a marketing tool. Everybody knows that Instagram is all about images, with a dollop of video thrown in for good measure. Right? The returns from a text-based campaign over Instagram would be minimal, as the audience doesn’t expect text. Instead, you would perhaps be better off using that text in an email campaign.

But when it comes to video, you can tick all the boxes all of the time. Every social media platform allows video. Every website should contain video. Your email campaigns can contain links to your videos. You can even embed video in e-newsletters and text messages. And the great part is, it’s always expected and never ignored. Missing out on those kinds of engagement levels is nothing short of poor decision making.


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