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Roke Telkom Launch ‘Roke Guardian’ To Improve Security in Uganda

Roke Guardian has a cloud video surveillance function which is one of police’s best investigative tools for theft and vandalism and can’t be stolen since it’s in the cloud-based.

Roke Telkom on Tuesday launched ‘Roke Guardian’ —a new cloud surveillance solution that will enable organizations, businesses, and individuals to do more with less in supporting their mission-critical security standing.

Roger Sekaziga, the Chief Executive Officer, Roke Telkom speaking at the launch of the new solution at the company’s head offices in Bugolobi, said that the company is elated to launch a solution that will provide its customers with professional Cloud Video Surveillance (CVS), with the unique benefit of a cloud backup service.

“Launching Roke Guardian comes as a noble contribution towards improving the state of security while providing a whole experience designed bottom-up to meet the safety needs of Ugandan homes, businesses, education institutions, real estate management companies among others,” Sekaziga said.

Roger Sekaziga, Chief Executive Officer of Roke Telkom speaking at the launch of Roke Guardian at the company's head offices in Bugolobi. (COURTESY PHOTO)
Roger Sekaziga, Chief Executive Officer of Roke Telkom speaking at the launch of Roke Guardian at the company’s head offices in Bugolobi. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Sekaziga explained that, “It is for this same reason, as Roke Telkom, that we aim to bring this sense of security closer to our people; homes, offices, and businesses with the new Roke Guardian solution. The solution has extra unique features such as; UniView (UNV) camera and switches, Footage backup for one week, it is motion-triggered while recording 24/7, Camera side analytics, Zero-rated footage transfer to/from the cloud server for Roke customers only, a time-lapse feature and access to the Roke via Web Portal or Mobile App.”

The cloud-hosted platform is expected to form a stronger collaboration between the service provider and the home or business owners by providing the functionality of sharing video clips to confirm the alarms while respecting any privacy guidelines through its bespoke privacy feature that only end-users can release.

“The Unique function of Roke Guardian is the cloud video surveillance. It is one of the police’s best investigative tools for theft and vandalism and can’t be stolen since it’s in the cloud, cost-effective and scalable,” Sekaziga noted.

Grace Matsiko, Chairman of The Uganda Private Security Association (TUPSA) applauded Roke Telkom for their leadership in innovation in security for the home and for businesses and organizations, especially cloud-based noting that, “The needs for enhanced security and safety of both people and their property cannot be emphasized enough and it is essential that people and organizations make use of such opportunities.”

Matsiko says, “Solutions like Roke Guardian will give property or business owners and investigators the ability to have the recordings in a hard to reach place and accessible by the right parties, thereby providing a further layer of security for users of this innovative product.”.

One in three Ugandans experiences crime-related justice problems. Most commonly, people experience petty crime such as theft. Over a half of all crime incidents are abandoned by the victim. When people take legal action, they most often seek help from the police or their family members. However, crimes without clear evidence, especially petty crime often remain unresolved. Therefore, this development [Roke Guardian] is apt to reduce the occurrences of such incidents.

In 2019, there was a 9.8% decrease in the volume of crimes reported to police from 238,746 cases reported in 2018 to 215,224 cases reported in 2019. Among the top reasons for the decrease in crimes reported in 2019 is attributed to government investment in anti–crime infrastructure. Among these were the surveillance cameras that are now spread all over the streets of the country.


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