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Huawei To Train and Upskill Ugandan ICT Professionals

Huawei Uganda adds new Artificial Intelligence (A.I) course to its Huawei professional certification path to train and upskill ICT professionals.

Huawei Uganda has this morning announced a new Artificial Intelligence (A.I) course to train and upskill ICT professionals. The course is an addition to the Huawei Professional Certification, and is available at the Huawei Uganda ICT academy online website [FOLLOW LINK],  with virtual classes scheduled to begin today for all those interested to study.

The Huawei Professional Certification path which started in 2019, also includes other on-demand ICT industry courses like; Routing & Switching, Cloud Computing, Wireless, Network Security, Big Data, Data Communications, to mention a few. It continued in 2020 with new virtual trainings due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The addition of the course under the Huawei Certified Network Associate (HCNA) path will upskill more ICT professionals with a detailed pool of course units necessary for deep learning. The Huawei Certified Network Associate-Artificial Intelligence (HCNA-AI) course uses a mainstream TensorFlow framework and supports Keras widely used, powerful, and has excellent compatibility necessary for fast learning.

Huawei Uganda’s Public Relations Director; Gaojian, said the course was introduced, “To train and certify engineers who can use algorithms, such as machine learning and deep learning algorithms, to design and develop A.I products and solutions and make improvement through innovation.” Adding that, “Such engineers are competent for sales, marketing, product manager, project management, technical support, and other A.I positions.”

Gaojian, noted that the A.I engineering certification path offers fundamental knowledge and provides industry-specific applications that can be used in line with other technologies including 5G, Internet of Things (IOT), among others.

Learning material from the course involves basic mathematics and machine learning which will guide students to gradually understand all related techniques of deep learning such as, convolutional neural networks, cyclic neural networks, regularization and optimizers. 

At a later point in the course, deep learning in application areas such as, computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing will be introduced to contextualize all AI use cases in the world.

Additionally, the HCNA-AI course provides a convenient platform with an anytime learning mode which allows students to set a custom learning pace. More so, a free simulation environment can be accessed on an Elastic Cloud Server hosted on the Huawei Public Cloud, and then installed according to the course manual to help students emulate real-world AI use cases.

The installed environment has a custom public IP address, username and password allowing students to login to the lab environment, and learn anytime from anywhere by simply having an active internet connection. 

Also, the HCNA-AI program offers programming exercises which include an image recognition battle, a speech recognition contest, and human–machine dialogue so that students can easily emulate what they learn and implement them through real-world applications. 

So, similar to all Huawei ICT Academy certification paths, HCNA-AI students will be able to participate in the annual Huawei ICT competition and the Huawei ICT Job Fair from where they can showcase their talents against the world’s best in national, regional and global rounds.

Huawei is building a sound talent ecosystem by outputting high quality ICT talent to the ICT industry through its global certification paths. Its upskilled ICT professionals continue to help in talent development and innovations bridging a new wave of Job creators against Job seekers in Uganda. To date, Huawei has trained approximately 4,000 Ugandan ICT Professionals and certified over 1,300 under its ICT Academies.


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