Outbox, UNFPA Launch a Youth Social-change and Mentorship Platform

The innovative and interactive platform is meant to curate social changes ideas and empower youth.

An innovative and interactive platform meant to curate social changes ideas and empower youth to be the catalysts of transformation in their communities has been launched today. The platform called The Stage is the brainchild of Outbox, Reach A Hand Uganda, Public Health Ambassadors Uganda, UNYPA and other implementing partners supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Uganda Country Office.

The platform seeks to harness the power of building communities by bringing together the youth to share stories and ideas that address social issues in the community while deriving inspiration from peers and mentors. The authors of some of the outstanding ideas could be supported to implement them by various policy makers on the platform including UN. This would depend on the practicability and projected community impact of the idea.

While addressing the press, UNFPA Country Representative Mr. Alain Sibenale  said, “This is not a competition for ideas, rather a convenient space for young people to convene and share experiences and ideas that have the potential to positively shape their communities.” He adds that the youth need to take on the leadership mantle in their communities.

“Leadership is not about titles. It’s about taking the initiative in your community, and The Stage gives the youth that space and preparation,” he emphasizes.

Sibenaler revealed that the platform has a mentorship component bringing together expertise from various fields to offer guidance to the youth. This could be in the form of honing their ideas into implementable and impactful projects that can attract funding.

Uganda comprises one of the youngest populations in the world, with over 70% being under 30 years. This behooves all players to tap into this youthful energy, and shape them to be part of the fabric that builds social change within their respective communities. This is the reason UNFPA invests heavily in young people.


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