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All There’s To Know About MTN Uganda’s ‘Pay Mpolampola’ Scheme

Start 2021 with owning the MTN Kabode smartphone.

MTN Uganda earlier this month launched an easy payment plan ‘Pay Mpolampola’ scheme which allows its customers to buy smartphones and pay in installments over a specified period. To note, the scheme is the first of its kind from the telco and places MTN at the forefront of innovation in the telecom industry in Uganda.

Today, owing a smartphone is like a part of life. Why? helps you stay connected online and keep in touch with friends and family, handle business —something that can’t be done with a feature phone. However, acquiring a smartphone is hard for some people, this is mainly because of the price.

“Access to affordable smartphones still remains a challenge. With the introduction of Pay Mpolampola and availability of affordable smartphones, MTN is putting internet and its benefits in the hands of many more Ugandans.” MTN Uganda Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Sen Somdev, told the press during the launch of the scheme.

Through this scheme, customers can get the MTN Kabode, which is an entry–level smartphone. It is the only phone that is available yet on the scheme. For starters, you can use this since it is much affordable and you can upgrade at a later time. So if you don’t have a smartphone, start your 2021 with the MTN Kabode smartphone.

All you need to know about the Pay Mpolampola Scheme:

For how long can I make installments and finish paying for my phone?
You will be required to pay installments and finish the balance within 6 months.

Who is eligible to get this offer?
Only MTN customers are eligible for this service. Eligibility is guided by how long the customer has been an MTN subscriber as well as their usage of MTN services.

How do I know whether I am eligible for easy payment plan offer?
You can check if you are eligible, by dialing *165*5*2#.

Which handsets are available under this offer?
For the start, only one device, the 4G MTN Kabode is available for purchase through the easy payments plan.

Are devices under the plan covered by warranty?
Yes, the devices under easy payment plan will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Are devices under this offer covered by insurance?
No, the devices are not insured.

Where do I pick up the device from?
After checking eligibility through *165*5*2#, the customer will be required to visit an MTN Service Centre, with the required initial deposit plus their national ID, to get the Smartphone.

How do I pay the instalments?
You can only make your payments using MTN Mobile Money by the *165*5*2# selecting MTN Depo or through the MyMTN App.

How do I know my monthly repayment amount?
To know the monthly instalment, dial *165*5*2#. or go the MyMTN App.

Are early installment payments allowed?
Yes, they are. You can make your payments daily, weekly, or monthly provided you pay the required amount for the month by the end of the 30 days from last installment or deposit payment.

Is there any penalty for paying the full amount before the 6 months elapse?
There is no penalty for completing your payments earlier than the 6 months.

Is the purchase of devices through easy payment plan available to subscribers of other mobile networks?
The offer is available to MTN customers only. The customer should also have an active Mobile Money account and should be using MTN services regularly to be able to benefit from the offer.

Can I pay for someone else’s phone in installments?

Only the person whose number was approved to get the phone on installment can pay for it. You can send them the requisite installment amount through MTN Mobile Money, and they make the payment

Are devices bought through the easy payment plan, covered by warranty and by an MTN return policy?
Yes. Devices bought through the easy payment plan offer are covered by an MTN return policy and come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

MTN Kabode has a long battery life and comes with a 5.5-Inch display, 2MP and 5MP front and rear cameras respectively. The entry-level smartphone comes with pre-installed apps including MyMTN, Ayoba, WhatsApp, Tidal, and Facebook, among others.

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