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Ergo Impact – The Standing Chair Everyone Needs

LeanRite standing chair by Ergo Impact

Stool and chairs for standing desks continue to be a growing trend in the office space. One product that caught our attention was LeanRite by Ergo Impact. It piqued our interest because it is the only chair available on the market that offers support while fully standing.

This lean chair applies a unique dual pneumatic cylinder system to elevate the seat part well above any extent possible with simple seating. What’s more is that it enables users, in just a matter of seconds, to convert from sitting, perching or leaning into a backrest, propping stand or lumbar.

A leaning chair gains excellent stability for all functions from the fact that it incorporates a standing base. No matter what posture you choose to adopt, you can always rest your weight on the base, becoming your own counterweight. This ensures you’re strongly supported, particularly when perching against the seat.

Reduce strain on Knees

Switching from a traditional char to a standing or leaning position can put a considerable strain on the knees. Using a standing chair to regularly change between perching, leaning, and standing can significantly reduce the need to move to a seated posture. A leaning chair can help you make these movements much easier and put less strain on your knees and back.

Boost Mental Alertness

Perching or leaning stances allow the diaphragm to move more fully and freely. With more flexibility in the movement comes more effective oxygenation of the brain, contributing to a better degree of mental alertness.

Improves Digestive and Cardiovascular System
A normal seated position hinders both fluid and blood flows through the internal organs. With that said, the more upright leaning, standing, propping and perching position that the leaning chair provides can be beneficial to the cardiovascular and digestive systems.

These positions can lessen potential contractions in your digestive tract, and by opening the core and allowing the diaphragm more room, can exponentially increase cardiovascular activity.

Reduces risk of Lower Back Pain

Standing with feet flat for considerable amounts of time forces the muscles of the lower back to remain in a state of ongoing tension (even more so when the abdominal muscles are weak). When you get tired in a standing position, the back tends to arch or curve, which can often lead to an unhealthy and unnatural degree of Lordosis (commonly known as “swayback”).

As some degree of unnatural curvature is pretty common among back problems, a standing office has the potential to upsurge rather than decrease fatigue and pain.

A leaning chair such as those from Ergo Impact addresses this issue by providing a multi-position back/lumbar support function that sustains your back altogether.

This can minimize or eliminate the need for sustained muscle tension, allowing the cells to get rid of toxins and rejuvenate.

The perching, leaning or other positions that can be achieved with a leaning chair, all support and encourage active muscle movement – which make this product the gist to avoiding muscle fatigue that can be a commom contributor to lower back pain.


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