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Robert Kwesiga Highlights How Funds Collected From MTN MoMoPay Merchant Account Be Used

The Secretary General, Uganda Red Cross Society of Uganda, Mr. Robert Kwesiga in a brief interview, shared more details on how the collected funds through its newly introduced MTN MoMoPay merchant account be used.

To recall, telecommunication firm; MTN Uganda launched 191919; a MoMoPay Merchant Account where MTN customers are in position to donate/send money to Uganda Red Cross towards efforts to combat the spread and fight of coronavirus as well as support those most affected by the pandemic.

Mr. Kwesiga appreciated MTN’s gesture and reiterated the society’s commitment to alleviate the human suffering that is increasingly being experienced by communities especially the most vulnerable people in society.

Here briefly highlighted how the funds will be used, its beneficiaries, accountability, among others;

What will the money be used for?
The money will be used to procure and provide essential food assistance to the most vulnerable households whose livelihoods, from their informal jobs, have been adversely affected by the partial lockdown instituted in response to COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda. This will complement the initiative that the Government of Uganda has started.

Who are the beneficiaries?
The beneficiaries are poor households who live in informal settlements in urban areas and are adversely affected by the partial lockdown instituted by Government, because they can no longer afford food for their households owing to disruptions of their informal employment.

Where will the activities related to this project be executed?
The food distribution shall continue on a rolling basis all through the period during which people are restricted to their homes due to the partial lock down period. At a later date, an early recovery livelihood intervention programme shall be instituted after the covid-19 pandemic is controlled so as to support the affected vulnerable households bounce back to normal, dignified lives.

For how long will funds be collected?
Funds to support these interventions shall be required throughout the period of the lock down, and after the pandemic is controlled so as to sustain all recovery efforts for the affected households.

When/How often will proceeds be announced/declared?
Total amounts collected shall be announced by the Red Cross on a weekly basis and later after further gaps are identified, the public shall be informed of any extra support required.

How will accountability for the funds collected be communicated and in what intervals?
All funds and other donations received towards this cause shall be put to good use as planned and accounted for in accordance with Uganda Red Cross standard financial guidelines. These funds shall be subjected to formal audit, whose report shall be published on the URCE website and in other official communication channels that shall be open for public viewing.

Does the public have a say in how the collections are spent?
The Uganda Red Cross shall remain accountable and engaging to the public, as much as possible. The public shall be engaged through our various public communication channels and as well as our branch offices which cover all districts across the country.


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