5 Benefits of Using Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing automation is a key component to business success. It has been proven to increase sales productivity and reduce the overall marketing overhead. Research conducted into marketing automation has proven that companies who use marketing automation for prospect nurturing see a large increase in the number of qualified leads.

These nurtured leads go on to make purchases almost 50 percent higher than non-nurtured counterparts. It is clear to see that marketing automation contributes to the overall growth of a business, but how can it benefit your business?

Well, here are five ways in which it can do so.

Lead Generation

For any business to grow, having good lead generation is vital. When the steps between sales and marketing are automated, the team will have more time to put into the overall strategy and lead nurturing, which will really benefit the business. This means there will be an increase in the number of prospects, which will increase the number of customers. Marketing automation has also been proven to give a more detailed, richer picture of the behavior of potential customers.

Lead Nurturing

It can be hard to nurture leads, and it can take up a lot of time. It can be worth it if the result is a sale, but unfortunately, not every lead will end in a sale. Small businesses are more likely to be affected by this issue because the small sales and marketing team won’t be able to keep an eye on every lead. This is where marketing automation tools for small businesses really come in handy and should definitely be considered to increase your chances of a successful sale.

Customer Personalization

When it comes to nurturing leads, making sure content is personalized is key. Marketing automation tools are there to guarantee the right buyer is approached with the right content at the right moment. They also gather data from all of the content, which aids the personalization process. This data is extremely effective when it comes to qualifying leads through marketing, before they are passed on to sales.

Better Decisions

Large data is easy to embrace when marketing automation is in effect. When a single platform for analytics and dash-boarding, collecting and putting away data and close-loop reporting is provided, marketing automation platforms will be the best solution when it comes to predicting the behavior of customers and measuring campaigns. All of this can be done while sticking to a small budget.

Merge Sales and Marketing

It’s common to face difficulties when sales and marketing departments are mixed. However, the efficiency of the collaboration between sales and marketing is improving as new technologies are developed. The outdated structures and processes are at fault when it comes to the misalignment of sales and marketing. When the departments work using separate tools, then they will be working towards different goals. Marketing automation can help by making improvements in the quality of leads, expanding revenue and automating manual processes, such as follow-up and lead assignment.

Marketing automation can provide many benefits to all businesses, no matter how big or small they may be. Once the marketing automation tools come into effect, the workload you face is visibly reduced, which is extremely beneficial for any kind of business owner in this busy day and age.


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