Why you should monitor your teen’s online activities

We are living in the internet age where kids don’t visit the library to get their questions answered but, they go online to search via Google. They often use their internet connections to communicate with their teachers and class fellows via emails and other social media apps. However, there are a lot of reasons why you should monitor your teen’s online activities and preventing them from cybersecurity threats like Cyberbullying is one of them.

Experiencing the media yourself is a great way to monitor teen’s online activities as it can help you to take necessary actions effectively in order to keep your kids away from harms of the internet. If you really want to keep your family safe, you should be monitoring what your kids and teens are doing, sharing and saying on social media and other communication apps.

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to monitor your teens due to the technology advances but first of all, you should be aware of the reasons why you should monitor your teen’s online activities. Here are the top reasons;

Identity theft
Most of the teens don’t understand how cyber identity theft can harm them if they are providing a lot of personal details and information on their social media profiles. That’s why parents and caretakers need to help them realize how cyber security is important for them and how they can keep the information shared on social media safe.

Cyberbullying is one of the top reasons why you should monitor your teen’s online activities as it can occur among people of all ages, especially for teens. Cyberbullying victim teens and kids are usually unwilling to let you know about the situation and also try it to keep to themselves instead of sharing with any other. That’s why you should monitor the internet usage of your kids to make sure that they are not being targeted or harassed by anyone on the web or through their cell phone.

Online predators
The danger of online predators is always there when you are discussing with children ways to stay safe and away from predators in the day to day life. Such people can be just as ominous and dangerous to vulnerable teens and kids. In order to keep your kids away from so-called online predators, you should set the privacy settings so that strangers are unable to view your child’s profile and access their content or make use of the android parental control app to keep tabs on their online activities.

It is something horrible and you should keep your teens away from it. It could be one of the major concerns for the parents of teens as it can be innocuous to kids, but it can have very serious social and legal concerns. For this reason, you need to make sure that content like text, images, and videos they are sharing on social media, are appropriate and not odd. You should also make sure that they are not receiving the uncertain things from others in their inbox folders. Encourage them to share each and every online activity they perform over social media or by using any other means of online communication.

Harmful Trojans and viruses
A teen or children can download harmful Trojans and viruses to the computer or smartphone mistakenly when they are searching for a useful educational or any other app. Once an injurious file downloaded to the storage of computer or phone, it can cause loss of valuable data stored on the hard drive or internal storage of the phone. That’s why you should monitor your teen’s online activities and make sure that they are downloading nothing harmful. As hackers are sending automated viruses to computers connected with internet to gain access to the computer users, it can be a serious concern you should take care of in order to keep your data and information safe on your personal computer or mobile phones from hackers.

Limiting the screen time
Limiting the screen time is one of the top reasons to monitor your teen’s online activities as it can make your kids involved in unusual habits instead of playing games and watching cartoons. Always set limits on screen time and check the history and other details often to prevent them using the internet for bad things. Let them know that when they can surf the internet for learning the purpose and when they can manage their social media accounts to stay updated regarding latest social trends and news. Through this way, you can help them use the internet for good things as well as to build healthy habits.



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