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WhatsApp To Show Forwarded Messages in Chats

Early of March this year, we reported that Facebook-owned social messaging platform; WhatsApp was yet to bring a feature that will show a forwarded message with the “Forwarded” label showed up on top of that particular message in chats. The company has been silent on the feature, and after months of waiting, the feature has been rolled out to Android beta users.

A forwarded label appears on top of a forwarded messages. Available in individual chats.

There was no mention/comment from the company of when they stable build will be rolled out.

The feature will help inform the receiver of the message that the sender has forwarded it. This will help differentiate between messages that have actually been typed out (by the send) and forwarded as received. However, its worth to note that the forward tag only appears if the message was sent using the forward icon, and not by simply copying and pasting the message. Those are two different things.

The feature, according to many critics, will be particularly helpful in taking on the fake news and information dissemination problem that plagues the platform.

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