Tom Cummins CEO of American Power and Gas

These days, it seems as though more and more companies are moving away from personal customer service and toward an automated, digital workforce of computer-generated responses to customer queries, automated computer answering services, etc. American Power and Gas is working to change that. What sets them apart? At every turn, they strive to create a customer experience that makes each customer feel involved, heard, and important. That’s not easy with nearly 800,000 customers, but they are doing it! Here’s how.

To start, every customer receives a personal customer service experience from a live human being, not a computer. When a new customer comes on board, they are consulted personally about their current and past energy usage. From there, a customer service representative will come up with a plan to help the customer save on their energy bill by switching over to their services.

For CEO Tom Cummins, it’s always been about the customer. Even in the early days 15 years ago, when they had only a few sales callers, American Power and Gas parlayed their dedication to the customer experience and their passion for their product into a half-billion dollar company. Today, their customer base has grown to more than 800,000 and they continue to deliver the same level of customer service they always have.

Another way they continue to look out for the interests of their customers is by protecting them from hikes in energy prices. How do they do that? By securing fixed-rate energy services with financial hedges. In doing so, the company protects the customer from any energy prices changes that may arise from any shifts in the weather. This can be a major concern for some consumers, as the weather is unpredictable and can cause serious fluctuations in energy prices with other providers who don’t take this precaution.

The clientele at American Power and Gas ranges from individual consumers to larger-use customers, and their commitment to providing the customer with personal customer service and interaction doesn’t change with the size of the customer. Every customer receives the same level of service, regardless of the size of their account. That’s one way they’re are shaking up the energy industry in particular, and the customer service industry in general. Moving forward, they have no plans to change that, even as the company continues to grow and flourish.

The delivery of superior customer experience seems to have fallen out of priority for many companies, replaced by the motivation to streamline, speed up, and automate. CEO Tom Cummins and President Jim Bridgeforth are motivated by something entirely different: the customer. They know that their success has been built upon the shoulders of their customers’ confidence in their company. They are committed to continuing to deliver customized, personal customer service and to making their customers’ experience with renewable energy a positive, convenient, and service-driven one.