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Facebook announces its merging Messenger Day and Facebook Stories

Social media giant Facebook has announced that it is merging Facebook Stories and Messenger Day — the two formats that existed separately until now.

The merging implies that when you post a Story on Facebook it will automatically show in Messenger as well — and vice versa. Viewing will also be synced, so if you check out a Story in one app it will be marked as viewed in the other.

The Instagram clone, Facebook Stories has not been as popular as anticipated. Facebook is now simplifying its stories offering in hopes of increasing the number of users and giving posts more exposure. Merging the two formats is a great move, as you don’t have to post the same story twice anymore.

Facebook also hinted that it is bringing Stories to its data-friendly Lite version of the app that’s aimed at emerging markets. Users will initially only be able to view Stories, but will also have the chance to post them in the near future — a specific date has not been announced yet.



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