First things First, a young man by the name of Muzamiru Kamakya of Makindye East lost his arm as a teargas canister was thrown in his room – WHY? because of this Age Limit campaign (Togikwatako) – that is leaving many crying to STOP.

Anyhow, so the ‘Togikwatako (don’t amend the Constitution)‘ campaign has been going around for quite some time now, which has caused havoc in the country. Many have been hurt, lost their lives, dignity, properties, to mention a few.

Earlier on, we got to discover about an Android mobile application dubbed BikwaseKyagulanyi that was developed by an graduate student from the Uganda Technology and Management University for the newly elected MP for Kyaddondo East, Hon. Robert Kagulanyi Sentamu popularly known as Bobi Wine – that helps his fans together with the people of Uganda help fight corruption within the Ugandan government, allowing users to send political, social, or economic questions that can be aired to the parliament and some/few that can be answered by the Honorable himself. In addition, the app also updates users with news feature, inspiring quotations, and advice from him.

As of today, we learn of a new Android application dubbed Togikwatako developed by Quiso Play Grounds that ranks players according to how long they can defend the Ugandan constitution.

The game is not met to insight violence but rather trying to create a platform which can inform the public they don’t need violence to protect the constitution and that there are already established methodologies within the constitution that specify how the constitution is supposed to be modified.

“To inform Ugandans that we need peace not war, we quote the developers.”

In a small and brief interview with the developer; Nyole Mike – a graduate student of Makerere University, he told Digest Africa that it took him three days, to come up with the game and also told the tabloid that it was long-term project.

So the game is 12.63MBs and requires Android 4.0.3 or higher to install it. Its the first version, while the developer promises more versions to come out since it was a long term project. Once downloaded, the first pop up screen shows, a Grey Crowned Crane; Uganda’d National bird holding the country’s constitution, with a tagline question, For how long can you defend the constitution? with a song by Maddox Ssematimba – entitled ‘Tukume Eddembe’ that plays in the background. However, the song not only stops there but continues to play throughout while playing the game.

The game concludes showing how long you held the constitution, and a questionnaire.

Editor’s Note: We are yet to review this application.