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How Social Media Has Negatively Affected Our Society

Only a decade ago, the world of social media was just a growing trend. Now, countless social media platforms have emerged over the years, and some are still in the progression of being presented to us.

Social media is not only a useful marketing channel for businesses, but it’s also a crucial part of the modern lifestyle. Social media allows you to instantly access personal injury lawyer Hamilton site, as fast as any other site out there. We can count some positive impacts social media has but why leave out the negative? Here are some of the negative impact social media has on our society today:

  1. Selfies

Whether its girls are making abominable duck faces, shirtless guy flexing in front of a mirror, or those people with bad judgment who take selfies in front of natural calamities, we are stuck with them. You no longer need anyone present to capture a picture of you; cameras come with front cameras now.

I know you’re thinking how is that a bad thing, right? Well, most selfies come across as narcissistic in most cases. Especially if it’s twitter and business account. Selfies have taken away the art of asking a friendly passer-by to take a photo of them. It has made that appear as a bad thing.

  1. Political Trends

Most people find themselves stuck in political debates. When it comes to politics, the discussions tend to get contentious almost immediately. They quickly develop to personal attacks and negative judgments that end up hurting people’s feelings. Social has made that platform more of a boxing ring.

  1. All Talk, No Action

There have been a lot of hashtag activists across social media, but its all talk. Whether an issue is important enough, they never really take action on it. There are so many people on social media who are ready to go to war with other people to a topic they care about, but no resolution to solve the problem.

Venting on social media just stirs the pot; it solves nothing. People could be giving back on the weekend, or making donations without taking part in random stunts. If more action was taken, that could make a difference.

  1. Hiding Behind Anonymity

Since early days, anonymity has been the critical piece of the web. Social media has allowed people to mask their true identity and do whatever they want. This has led to habitual pranksters and obvious trolls. It has opened doors for people to be offensive and mean and disrespectful anonymously.

It has made people the freedom to raid someone’s peace mind with back and forth accusations and bullying remarks. This has led to some people committing suicide over the years. It also results in low self-esteem issues among other people.

  1. Amplified Ignorance

On social media, ignorance is all over the place. There have been many blog posts highlighting misleading, hateful, misinformed, or just plain delusional and confusing tweets at various times in the previous years.


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