Government to Make UTL Simcards a Compulsory Requirement for Ugandans

State Minister for Investment and Privatization, Evelyne Anite has said that government will make it a compulsory requirement for every Ugandan to own a Uganda Telecom simcard.

This, the minister said, will be a display of patriotism and pride in for the country and its citizens.

“It did not take us to get somebody from another country to come and fix what is in UTL. I want to tell you something; that once we fix the problems in UTL, it is going to be compulsory for Ugandans to hold a UTL line just as it is for you to have a national ID,” she said.

Anite was speaking at the Uganda Telecom staff blood donation ceremony at the Constitutional Square in Kampala.

UTL has been and is facing financial and technical constraints that have seen it put under government receivership, with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB) Registrar General, Bemanya Twebaze as government’s official receiver.[related-posts]

Earlier in May, Museveni through Minister Anite swung in to save the company which was facing possible liquidation.

Minister Evelyne Anite at the UTL Staff Blood donation Drive. (courtesy photo)
Minister Evelyne Anite at the UTL Staff Blood donation Drive. (courtesy photo)

Anite would later assemble a team of lawyers who quickly filed for bankruptcy.

She has since then been at the fore front of making sure the once vibrant telecommunications company gets back to normal.

Although she didn’t explain how government will implement the proposal, Anite said government will consider the move “to save Uganda’s Pride.”

If passed, the UTL simcard will join the National Identity card among the mandatory requirements for an individual to be considered full citizen.


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