9 Hottest Tech Items of 2017

The last few years has brought us some of the most advanced interactive technology we’ve ever seen. In 2017, there are scores of tech items for everyone young and old. If you need a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, here are some of the hottest tech items of the year.

1. Amazon Echo
The Amazon Echo is by far the hottest piece of technology on the market right now. Developed by Amazon, this product is a minimalist voice-activated speaker that syncs to your home. You can speak to Alexa–the voice of Amazon Echo– and ask to turn on music, check the weather, activate technology in your home, report traffic, read audiobooks and much more. It is the ultimate universal remote for just about everything in your home.

2. Logitech MX Master
This gadget is a simple mouse that’s ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. No matter whether you stare at a computer all day for work, video games or just browsing the internet, the Logitech design is made to prevent strain on the hand, wrist and arm. The simple design allows you to rest your thumb next to the mouse and encourages a more natural position of the hand to prevent injury.

3. Drones
Drones make perfect gifts for yourself and others. These fun devices come in models that suit all budgets and come in all sizes. Buying a drone online is easy and there’s hundreds of different models to choose from. Browse a selection of small toy drones, camera compatible drones, racing drones and more.

4. Bluesmart ONE Suitcase
There’s smartphones, smart cars, smart homes and now–smart luggage. The Bluesmart One Suitcase is a streamlined carry-on that comes with its own charger and battery pack to charge your phone. If you luggage is lost, it also has a location tracker, smart lock and digital scale you can control from your phone.

5. VR Headset
Gamers rejoice! Virtual reality is here and it’s all the rage. The Oculus Rift and Sony PlayStation VR are among the most popular brands for VR entertainment. Every brand has its own pros and cons, from visual quality to comfort and everything in between. The world of virtual reality is bound to take entertainment by storm, but for now enjoy a slew of both new and remastered video games to choose from.

6. Fitbit
There’s never been a gadget more when it comes to staying physically fit. While Fitbits have been on the market for a few years, the latest models have the latest technology to gauge heartbeat, sleep patterns, caloric intake, caloric burn and more. A Fitbit makes the perfect gift because it comes in a variety of styles to suit everyone.

7. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer
Ever take a photo so perfect on your phone that you want to print it out? Not all of us have printers, but everyone can get the HP Sprocket. Make printing photos easy with the HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer. This tiny device prints 2×3 stickable prints that you can put anywhere. Immortalize your snaps to show to friends and family.

8. Record Player
With their vintage musical sound and sentimental aesthetic, the record player has finally made a comeback. The old-school charm of record players has made them a modern day favorite for older folks and youngsters alike. Newer models have advanced sound systems and Blue Tooth capabilities to bring out the quality sound of LPs. From mid-century modern to contemporary design, record players are now some of trendiest items on the market.

9. Biolite Solar Panel 5+
The Biolite Solar Panel 5+ is a portable solar panel used to charge your electronics. It’s the perfect device to have on the go whether you’re at home, the office, camping, backpacking, travelling or the airport.

Treat yourself or a friend with one of these cool tech gadgets.


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