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Microsoft Launched a New Android App For its Cloud Computing Platform

Redmond-based software firm, Microsoft Corp. launched a new Android app dubbed the ‘Microsoft Azure‘ for its cloud computing platform Azure which will help administrators and other users find the convenience of being able to check on check status and critical metrics with their Android devices helpful, providing notifications and alerts in the event of specific problems. Thus, making it that much easier for your work to find you at home.

Notably, Azure similar to Google’s Cloud Platform, is a platform that gives you a bunch of hosting platform as a service, and software as a service type stuff that is mostly used by businesses.

The new app reportedly said to give users access to a shell for your instances, and it also allows you to check current statuses like resource use, health, and hardware monitoring, as well as check metrics being collected for things like requests while on-the-go.

The app is available for download on Play Store.

source: Android Police

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