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KAWEESI MURDER: Government Sues Online Publishers

Government has sued three major online media publications for allegedly publishing particulars of confidential information from the investigations into the murder of former Police Spokesperson, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

The sued publishers include; News websites ChimpReports, The Investigator, The Ugandan and Print publication, Red Pepper.

According to a court notice of motion seen by PC Tech Magazine, the chief Editors and some other employees of the respective publications have also been included as defendants in the case.

AIGP Kaweesi was shot and killed by yet to be identified assailants as he left his Kulambiro home on the morning of March 17th 2017.

A joint investigation by Police and the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has since led to the arrest of a number of suspects in connections to the same; although Police has remained mute on the matter.

Government through the Attorney General’s office alleges that in their publications, the publishers released information which interferes with the progress of the investigations of one of the most high profile cases in the country.

“The plaintiff is seeking a declaration that the publications so far made by the defendants and intended future publications are not only injurious to the investigations but also injurious to National Security,” reads part of the case plaint.

Government demands that forthwith, the publishers be restrained from publishing any content connected to the investigations to enable the security agencies carry out their duties without being jeopardized.

The Attorney General further demanded that court declares that the publications and intended publications by the defendants “are injurious to the investigations underway, national security and prejudicial to the workings of security Agencies of Uganda.”

“The plaintiff prays to this honorable court that a permanent injunction be issued to restrain the defendants jointly and severally from publishing and using the confidential information,” the plaint further reads.

In the different publications made, the publishers have indicated that different high ranking security officials were cited and arrested in connection to the gruesome murder of AIGP Kaweesi, most of which referred to investigations as the source of information.

They also alleged that the recent rampant reshuffles in the Police were a way of cleaning up the force which President Museveni said had been infiltrated by thugs.

The government also demands that the defendants, after the ruling and judgement should pay general damages and the costs of the suit to the government.

The publishers have since been asked to file defense within 15 days (Starting on Thursday April 20th) short of which the case would be heard and judgement passed in their absence.


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