According to research, in 2014 the global digital music revenues had overtaken physical music revenues. Downloads and subscriptions accounted for 75% of this revenue. In South Africa digital music is experiencing high growth as well, driven mainly by their local artists.

And according to research that was done by PwC and GMR, they found out that physical music sales had declined by 17%, while digital music sales are increasing by 9%.

In an attempt to become a key player in the digital and music streaming arena, MTN South Africa on Wednesday unveiled a revamped online music platform dubbed, MTN Music+ with a music library with over 670,000 tracks of which according to reports we got; 40% are local and 60% is international.

In a press statement, Maxwell Nonge; Chief Digital Officer at MTN South Africa said, “MTN Music+ strengthens our focus on developing local content and contributing meaningfully to the development of the music industry in South Africa.”

Maxwell further said that the MTN South Africa also needs to partner with artists and empower them to take control over the success of their brand.

The revised functionality of MTN Music+ is the first proposition of its kind in South Africa where digital music and data are bundled for the user’s convenience and ease of use.

With the revised MTN Music+, customers with an internet capable device can stream content online and offline via the mobile app, mobile portal, or web portal. Meanwhile, streaming pricing will be tiered by daily, weekly and monthly subscription fees, and downloading prices for subscribers will be discounted.

The MTN Music+ app is available for download in Google Play Store.