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The Trials and Tribulations of Email Marketing

Email Marketing. Image Credit:

Email Marketing. Image Credit:

Any business owner or marketer will know that email marketing is not a simple concept. From the outside, people think ‘what can be so hard about writing and sending emails?’ and that is probably because they have never had to develop a successful email marketing campaign.

There is much more to it than writing an email and clicking send; you have to be able to create email campaigns that compel the person who receives the email firstly to open it and then to visit your website, or whatever other action you need to them to do.

Given the number of emails that get sent each day, you are fighting for the attention of the reader and working out the magic subject title or creating compelling content is by no means easy.

This insightful infographic displays the 7 biggest challenges that marketers face when it comes to email marketing. There is some really information in here and some great tips that will help you to master your email campaigns.

Did you know that retaining customers costs less than getting new customers? Or that emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened? There are certainly a lot of thought-provoking statistics in here to get you thinking about changes you can introduce to your marketing campaigns.

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