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Access to the best jobs and careers is now strictly the preserve of degree holders. Many jobs that didn’t require a degree in the past are now only open to those who have attended college, which means that studying for an appropriate qualification is more important than ever before.

Demand Keeps Rising for Graduates

Some roles absolutely require the specialized knowledge that a relevant college education provides, but increasingly employers demand credentials as a way of pre-qualifying their job applicants, and to ensure that candidates have the right qualities to join their organization. The qualities needed to complete a college course are exactly the qualities that employers value, even if a specialist education isn’t technically needed to do the job well—qualities like self-organization, persistence, meeting deadlines, working well in a team, responding to feedback, and crucially, the ability to assimilate and use new information.

Access Degree Courses from Anywhere

Taking an online degree course is the perfect solution for students who can’t afford to live on a college campus, or for international students who don’t currently qualify for a visa to study in the country of their choice. An online degree program gives you access to the best accredited schools, no matter your current location.

As long as you have access to a computer connected to the internet and you meet the enrollment standards for the course, then you can study for your degree in your own time without needing to find the funds to support yourself in another country while you study.

When you obtain your degree from an internationally recognized, accredited college or university, you will open up employment opportunities around the globe instead of being limited to your local job market.

Online Degrees with Good Future Prospects

When you begin to investigate degree courses, there are two things that you should bear in mind before you decide on your degree program.

How portable is your degree? In other words does the degree give you the opportunity to work in a wide range of fields or will it limit you to a narrow range of industries?

A popular course that gives graduates access to a diverse range of employment opportunities is the online GIST program from the University of Southern California. This leads to a geographic information science and technology degree.

Is your degree future proof? This is a really important consideration. You must make sure that the qualifications that you obtain will enable you to secure well paid work, not only upon graduating but into the future as well.

For example, as things stand today, an accounting degree looks like a safe choice, but according to a study carried out by Oxford University, the accounting industry is set to be heavily impacted by automation in the coming years, which makes an accounting degree a less appealing prospect. In fact, a federal report suggests that as many as 47% of all jobs could be at risk of automation over the next twenty years. So before you decide on your area of study, make sure that your skills won’t be swallowed up by automation.

Taking an online course is a convenient and cost effective way to obtain a degree from a well-respected school.