Gmail to Stop Supporting Chrome Version below v.55, Windows XP and Vista will Highly be Affected

Considering that Redmond-based software firm, Microsoft Corp. stopped supporting their oldest Windows OS; Windows XP and Windows Vista versions in 2014, tech search-giants Google Corp, has announced that Gmail will no longer be supporting Chrome Browser version below version v.55, pointing out that Windows XP and Windows Vista users will be highly affected.

According to the search-firm; the latest Chrome version v.55 comes with several important security updates and it’s one way to encourage upgrading to the latest version of Chrome.

Gmail will continue to function on Chrome versions below v.55 through the end of 2017. However, users who will still persist on Chrome versions below v.55 will be redirected to the basic HTML version of Gmail early December 2017 and they will be more vulnerable to security risks and also won’t have access to new features and bugfixes.

Google points out, “Starting February 8th, 2017, we will show a banner at the top of the Gmail interface for users who are still on Google Chrome versions below v.55 to encourage upgrading to the latest version of Chrome.”[related-posts]

Google didn’t mention when they will discontinue support for older versions of Chrome.

Last month, Google also announced it was shutting down older versions of G-suite; Google Docs, Google Drive, Sheets, and Slides on smartphones starting April 3rd, and will send out notifications to force old version users to update to newer versions, starting March 1st.

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