Image Credit: trappsclassichumidors
Image Credit: trappsclassichumidors

Vaping has been very popular across Uganda, and it is becoming more popular as we enter 2017. A lot of people are switching to electronic cigarettes for a wide array of reasons. There are more online retailers shipping to this country, too, which means getting the best vaping gears and refills is easier than ever.

Speaking about vaping gears, the electronic cigarettes we have today are so much better than the products from a couple of years ago. There are some very interesting gadgets that will enhance your vaping experience and we are going to take a closer look at them in this article.

Better Batteries and Chargers

All electronic cigarettes are battery powered. Some use built-in batteries and a USB charger, while others rely on 18650 lithium batteries. The latter is considered better and more flexible, because 18650 batteries are easy to find. They are used in other electronic devices and gadgets as well, plus there are plenty of accessories you can pick up.

Some of the best 18650 batteries now have higher capacities. You can find batteries with more than 3,000 m Ah capacity. Considering you use a box mod that relies on a single battery, the 18650 battery will last the whole day on a single charge.

Charging is also much faster thanks to products such as the Nitrocore universal charger. This charger from Nitrocore is perfect for vaping enthusiasts. For starters, the charging dock accepts 18650 lithium batteries of different sizes. You can adjust the charging prongs to suit the size of your batteries. The LCD screen is also particularly intuitive.

Last, but not least, there are security measures built into the charger which allow you to leave batteries charging, knowing that the charger will automatically switch the power off when charging is completed.

Better Box Mods

Classic box mods are still very popular on the market. They are the source of power for electronic cigarettes, converting current from the battery and channeling it to the tank and your e-cig coils. What’s interesting is that the classic box mods we all love so much are being updated with new features and more power.

The Therion DNA 75, a classic among vaping enthusiasts, is still one of the coolest devices you can pick up today. It is capable of delivering 75W of power and uses the standard 18650 battery as a source of power. The Therion DNA 75 is also compatible with a wide variety of tanks.

Liquid in Subscription Box

This last one is more of a service than a gadget, but it is a service that’s a must-have for e-cig users as they buy refills or e-cig liquids on a regular basis. It is also interesting to try new flavors and different brands. Fortunately, top retailers and manufacturers are noticing the growing need and turning their products into bundles of subscription boxes.

Take a quick look at’s catalogue and you’ll know what I mean. The e-cig refills – several of them – are bundled and sent out on a monthly basis. You pay a fixed subscription fee and you will receive a box at the predetermined time each month.

This takes the hassle completely out of vaping and buying refills.